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AFW Glendale, AZ

AFW Glendale, AZ

Open Until 10 PM
5801 N 99th AVE
Glendale, AZ 85305
(602) 422-8800
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AFW Glendale, AZ

0 mi.
Open Until 10 PM
5801 N 99th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305
(602) 422-8800
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AFW Gilbert, AZ

32 mi.
Open Until 10 PM
4700 S Power Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 500-4121
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Beach Hideaway 32x48 *D

SKU: 125-4210519
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  • Beach Hideaway 32x48 by artist Marianna M. Duford.
  • The perfect painting for the individual that loves vibrant color and dreams of far away places.
  • Tropical en plein air pen and watercolor painting created near Tulum, Mexico. The term, en plein air, refers to a style of painting that takes place outdoors in order to "capture the light".
  • "I'm sitting on a snow white, powdery sand beach with palm trees swaying in a brisk breeze on a hot, sultry day. Armed with a cold drink in my left hand and a paintbrush in my right I've encountered heaven! What more could I ask for?" - Marianna M. Duford.
  • This is a canvas print derived from an original painting.

**Also Available In Stores As SKU 124-4210519**

Marianna Duford Fine Arts

Collection Details
Marianna Duford
Silverthorne, CO

Marianna M. artist with wanderlust. A bit of a gypsy and lifelong artist, Marianna, brings her love of the outdoors to her art and everything that she does. She doesn't limit her artwork to just one medium and likes to let the inspiration decide whether it would be better in watercolor, oils or acrylics. Her love of plein air painting and travel have been the perfect marriage. Art and travel forays have taken her from Italy to Africa, the Mayan Coast to Portugal, Florida to California, Maine and the Bahamas and in between. The South Island of New Zealand to Tasmania and back again.

Always, upon returning home to Colorado she wonders why she had to go so far to be inspired when she is surrounded by beauty every day of the year! Marianna lives in Silverthorne with her patient and loving husband, Bill, and golden retriever, Jessie.