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Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

It's almost officially summer, which means it's time to relax and soak up all the sunshine we possibly (and safely) can! Spend the summer months trying new things and building lifelong memories with your loved ones. To help make this the best summer yet, check out our Summer Bucket List that is sure to inspire you.

Summer Bucket List

Backyard BBQ

Break out that ribs recipe, grab a case of beer and invite a few good friends over to enjoy a delicious backyard BBQ. You’ll love eating around a stunning new outdoor dining table that will be sure to impress!

Summer Bucket List

Plan a Weekend Road Trip

Pack up the car for a weekend and explore some place you’ve never been! Head to to start planning your trip.

Summer Bucket List

Chase Down That Ice Cream Truck

Frantically waving your hands and chasing down the ice cream truck counts as exercise. We checked.

Watch this adorable Golden Retriever buy his own treats from the ice cream man here.

Summer Bucket List

Sign up for a 5K

Believe it or not, some people find running enjoyable.

Click here to find an upcoming 5K near you and see what the hype is all about!

Summer Bucket List

Relax at the Pool

Rock that cute sun hat and spend a day by the pool. If you’re lucky enough to have your own pool, you need to take a peek at our patio sets (you might regret not looking).

Summer Bucket List

Take a Trip to the Library

Enjoy a quiet day at the library browsing through books and reading in blissful silence.

Find a public library near you here.

Summer Bucket List

Watch the Fireworks

While most places in the United States have restrictions on fireworks, you know that won’t stop Dan down the block from lighting some up! Grab a chair and wait for the cops to come. Just kidding. Find somewhere having a legal 4th of July firework display and enjoy the show with your family from a park or hilltop nearby.

Click here to check out the Top 10 Best 4th of July Firework Shows.

Summer Bucket List

Play a Round of Miniature Golf

Tired of going to the movies every date night? Challenge your significant other to a round of miniature golf. Loser buys ice cream…or that new bedroom set…whichever.

Find a great deal on miniature golfing here.

Summer Bucket List

Take a Hike

No, really, take a hike! Research has shown that spending time outdoors increases attention spans and creative problem solving skills. Plus, it’s a great way to get some exercise and take in all the scenic beauty that surrounds you. Above is a picture of our Email Specialist, Megan, and Graphic Designer, Brenna, increasing their creative problem solving skills in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Summer Bucket List

Grow an Herb Garden

This is our Marketing Manager, Sarah’s, herb garden. Sarah brings in fresh basil from her garden to share with her team. Sarah is thoughtful. Be like Sarah.

Click here for 7 Easy Herbs for Beginners

Summer Bucket List

Read a Book

Is being a better human on your summer bucket list? Research has shown that reading can increase intelligence and even make you more empathetic. This summer, actually pick up that book that you’ve been “reading” and start flipping the pages! Our fabulous Content Writer, Rachel, is excited to revisit Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson this summer!

Summer Bucket List

Go Fish

You'll love spending time with your family sitting on a picturesque dock until the sun starts to set. Above is a picture of our School Rewards Coordinator, Tim, enjoying his favorite summer activity!

If you’re new to fishing, click here for a guide on How to Fish: Teach Your Kids Fishing in 9 Easy Steps.

Summer Bucket List

Take a Class

Whether you want to add a new skill to your resume, learn to cook more than Mac & Cheese or start painting, check out your local community college class offerings.

Get inspired and check out these 10 Fun Non-Credit Courses Offered by Community Colleges.

Summer Bucket List

Enjoy a Cool Drink on a Hot Summer Day

Arguably one of the best parts of summer is the plethora of delicious frozen drinks! Try one of these 40 cool drink recipes or hit up your favorite drink stop and check this one off your Summer Bucket List.

Summer Bucket List

Make Time for a Nap

Yes, napping is on the list. Judge us. If you had a Cloud Mattress®, you’d be wise to put napping on your Summer Bucket List too.

Summer Bucket List

Visit a Museum

Prepare yourself to expand your child’s imagination and elevate their sense of wonder…and also for a lot of “whys” that you won’t be able to answer.

Click here to find a great museum in your state.

Summer Bucket List

Go Bowling

When the temperature outside is making you consider buying a set of oven mitts for your car…consider going bowling! It’s always nice and cool inside the bowling alley and it’s an activity the entire family can enjoy.

Summer Bucket List

Have a Picnic

I know we all have had some sort of a traumatic ant incident at a picnic, but give it another shot. Wrap up some sandwiches and a few snacks and sit out at the park, by the pool or even in your own backyard!

Check out this Picnic Packing Checklist to make sure you’ve got it all!

Summer Bucket List

Visit an Amusement Park

Summer isn’t complete without riding a rollercoaster, zipping down a wet slide and eating cotton candy!

Check out these 10 Unexpected Tips for an Awesome Amusement Park Experience.

Summer Bucket List

Put on a Movie Marathon

Gather up the fam’, cozy up on your sofa and force your children to appreciate the glory of the original Star Wars movies. Because you said so.

Summer Bucket List

Visit the Zoo

A trip to the zoo is the perfect way to spend a Saturday. You can even come up with fun activities to further engage your kids like playing Zoo Bingo.

Summer Bucket List

Attend a Festival

Make sure to add your favorite music, wine or art festival to your Summer Bucket List! Oh, by the way, do you like free stuff? Like us on Facebook to be the first to know about our ticket and gift card giveaways that will be going on all summer long.

Summer Bucket List

Go Camping

Spend a weekend enjoying the great outdoors and gazing at the stars. Can’t get away to the mountains this summer? Roasting marshmallows over a firepit is the next best thing and makes for the perfect summer night.

Summer Bucket List

Start an Exercise Routine

Some experts believe summer might actually be the best time of the year to start a new workout routine. This may be because humans tend to naturally be more active when the weather is warmer and the days are longer, which makes outdoor activities more enjoyable and safer. Take advantage of this and become a lean, mean machine!

If you’re a Colorado resident, click here to see how you can get paid to lose weight!

Summer Bucket List


Not only will your volunteering positively impact the world around you, but multiple studies have demonstrated that it will also make you a happier person. Here at AFW, we actively give back to the communityand volunteer for a number of great causes. Below is a picture of our Arizona team donating their time to help sort life-saving, pain-relieving medical supplies and equipment for Project C.U.R.E.

Click here to learn more about how AFW gives back to the community.

Want even more summer fun ideas? Click here for 8 Genius Ways to Unplug This Summer.

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