Lift Chairs 101

Lift Chairs 101

lift chair is a specialized chair that is designed to help users safely transition from a seated position to a standing position by slowly lifting up and tilting forward when the user pushes a button on an attached remote. They can be a great option for people who are older, have limited mobility, are recovering from surgery, have a sports injury, have a disability, or are large in stature. Many lift chairs offer a variety of additional features beyond simply helping users reach a standing position, and understanding these features will help you decide which lift chair best suits your needs.

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All lift chairs have power reclining functionality that allows users to easily recline at the touch of a button. Some lift chairs recline further back than others, so it’s important to test the chair in person.


Like the name suggest, the lay-flat reclining feature allows the user to recline into a totally flat position that is ideal for sleeping.

Dual Motor (Two-Motor)

Dual motors allow users to operate the footrest and the back of the lift chair independently from one another so that users can find the most comfortable position for them. This can be especially useful if the user wants to elevate their feet while sitting up.


Most lift chairs can’t be positioned too close to the wall because the back of the chair would hit the wall when the chair reclined. The seat and back of a wall-saver lift chair slide forward as the chair reclines, allowing the lift chair to be placed much closer to the wall. This makes wall-saver lift chairs an excellent option for smaller spaces.

Adjustable Headrest

An adjustable headrest tilts forward or backward to allow the user to find the position that’s most comfortable for them. This can be especially useful if the user wants to prop up their head and shoulders while in a reclined position, like while watching TV.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Adjustable lumbar support allows users to customize the amount of support the lift chair has for their lower back with a press of a button.

Heat and Massage

Some lift chairs have built in heat and massage features to soothe aching muscles and help the user relax. Users can choose from different types of massage as well as different levels of massage. The heated seat and back operates independently from the massage function so that users can enjoy only heat, only massage, or both.

Battery Backup

A battery backup allows the lift chair to operate temporarily during a loss of power so that the user can safely transition from a seated position to a standing position.

Remote Lock Button

Some lift chairs include a lock button on the remote that prevents the buttons on the remote from being pressed accidentally. This avoids unintentional motion when the user is sitting in the lift chair and also keeps children from playing with the lift chair.

Whether you need a wall-saver lift chair for a small space or a lift chair with lay-flat reclining to sleep in, understanding the different features available in lift chairs will help you choose the lift chair that fits your needs and your space.

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