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Sectional Sofa or Living Room Group Sofa

Sectional Sofa or Living Room Group Sofa

You have decided to redo your living room and now the biggest purchasing decision is sectional or living room set. Size, comfort, shape, room and design all factor into your choice. We have gathered a list of pros and cons of both sectionals and sofas to help you in your decision process.


  • Some say the chaise is the best seat in the house.
  • Creates a sense of a room, and helps create an enclosed, defined space.
  • Can be used to create an intimate space.
  • More than one person can lounge at a time, creating a great lounging space.
  • If purchasing an ottoman with your sectional, you can push it into the empty space and create a cozy double bed style area for watching TV and snuggling.
  • Can seat a lot of people, which is great for parties and guests.
  • Can create any design style to match your home depending on the sectional you build.
  • Creates a surround view of the TV or focal point in the room.


  • Personal space for everyone and no fighting over who has to sit in the corner.
  • A sofa with an ottoman provides the comfort of a chaise, but with a lot more flexibility in placement.
  • A sofa and an accent chair provides more variety of seating options and accent pieces for your space.
  • Sofas allow you to mix and match design and decor highlighting your personal style in the room.
  • Ability to redesign your space into different looks (sectional would have a harder time).
  • Limited fabrics and texture options with a sectional because your whole set would have to be the same, whereas with a sofa you could have different styles and fabrics.
  • Cheaper to reupholster then a sectional.

The question of sectional vs. sofa will be a different answer for every family and may even be different for the same family within different rooms. You may have a living room set with a sofa in a living room, and a sectional in a man cave or home theater room. Always make sure to measure your space to ensure whichever one you choose for your space will fit. Which one is best for your home?

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