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5 Hosting Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

5 Hosting Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about being surrounded by loved ones and being thankful, yet so many of us spend the holiday feeling frazzled in the kitchen instead. Hosting doesn’t have to be this way! This year, try following these five easy tips for an easy, stress-free turkey day!  


Thanksgiving TipsKnow Who’s Coming to Dinner

A few weeks before Thanksgiving Day, take the time to make a guest list. It’s easy to forget about your cousin’s date, sister’s friends, and everyone’s kids. You might have initially thought you were only having a few people over, but when you start to write down each person coming to dinner, you might discover that your small guest list has suddenly ballooned to twice or three-times as many guests! By getting an accurate head count, you’ll be able to ensure you have enough seating for dinner ahead of time and save yourself any stressful last-minute grocery store runs! 

Make planning easy with these Free Thanksgiving Pintables

Thanksgiving TipsCreate a Sample Menu

After you know how many people are coming to dinner, create a sample menu that includes everything from appetizers, side dishes, and the main course. From that menu, pick out a few dishes that you’re really excited about. If you love making stuffing or have a new casserole recipe you’ve been itching to try, choose those items! Next, decide what store-bought shortcuts you can make, after all making 17 dishes from scratch is just not realistic! Items like fruit and cheese trays, rolls, and pies are all dishes that will save time and free up valuable kitchen space. The remaining dishes should then be divvied up among guests. Not only will this divide and conquer strategy help you save time and money, but your guests will love contributing to the feast and will make your whole Thanksgiving feel more homey.  


Not sure where to start? You’ll love these Thanksgiving Menu ideas! 

Thanksgiving TipsKeep the Decorations Simple

Pinterest has led us to believe that anything can be accomplished with a glue gun, some acrylic paint, and a few pieces of construction paper. However, back in reality, we end up spending three times more than what the thing we’re making is actually worth and covering everything with spider-like webs of glue. Luckily, there’s another way to decorate your home that’s actually considerate of your time, money, and kitchen table. This year, try swapping out your day-to-day home décor for elements that reflect the season. Add earth tone pillows to your sofa, apple scented candles to your mantle, wicker baskets to hold fuzzy throws, and various rustic elements for a refined festive feel.

Check out this cozy fall inspired look for inspiration.

Thanksgiving TipsSet Up a Drink Station

Help reduce the number of people coming in and out of an already crowded kitchen by creating a drink station away from all the action. You can use a bar carttable or any sturdy, level surface for your station. Include a variety of drink options in addition to glasses, an ice bucket, scoop, bottle opener, drink stirrers and garnish tools to make it easy for your guests to self-serve. 

Click here to add a trendy bar, buffet, or sideboard to your home.   

Thanksgiving TipsKeep the Kids Busy

While you may find football, the parade, and family gossip entertaining, the kids might not. When they’re bored, they tend to find ways to entertain themselves. This usually always means something's going to break or they’ll spend the day pestering the adults in the kitchen while surrounded by hot pans, knives, and raw food-yikes. Maintain their sanity and yours by setting up a just-for-kids space. Include toys, crafts, and activities that will keep them occupied until the Turkey is ready to be served!  

Take a peek at our Pinterest Board for tons of Thanksgiving craft ideas! 


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