Designer's Den | All About Lighting

Designer's Den | All About Lighting

Your furniture is placed, decor is tidy, but what about lighting? Learn how to pick the perfect lamps for ambiance, style, and placement this week. Tune in!

At AFW, we know that light lets you see, but what else does it have to offer? Floor lamps and table lamps add texture, style and functionality to any room! 

While your space may already have overhead lighting, most rooms can benefit from adding extra lights to brighten up an area while adding personalized style.

But how do you pick out the perfect lamp? We suggest you consider these four components: placement, type, size and style

  •       Placement – where is lighting needed in the space?
  •       Type – will a floor lamp or a table lamp better suit the space?
  •       Size – what lamp size is appropriate for the space?
  •       Style – what lamp is the best style for the space?

Once you decide what type of lamp you need based off placement, type, size, and style, you will have the confidence to choose the right lamps for any space – big or small. 

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