School Rewards

  • Once registered, community purchases ANY TIME OF THE YEAR support your school, a year-round rewards’ program. Apply today to get registered!
  • Purchases in the store, over the phone, or online all count!
  • *AFW donates 2% back to your school on merchandise purchased from your community patrons! (*Some manufacturers match 2%, earn up to 4% on these purchases.)
  • Support can come from outside your community as well!
  • Use of professional marketing designs and materials, free of charge!
  • Your school reward accumulates throughout the year from all community purchases associated with your school and your total donation is awarded after our August “Back to School” Rally, or after one of the many 10-day Store Rallies we host exclusively for school partner communities throughout the school year.
  • A $500 gift card will be given away at the end of the year to a customer who purchases to support a partner school during our Store Rallies, matched with an additional $500 back to the partner school they supported!
  • Program is available for nonprofit PreK & K-12 schools in CO, AZ, TX and some local delivery locations out-of-state.

Given Back:

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