School & Community Rewards

  • Once registered, community purchases ANY TIME OF THE YEAR support your school, a year-round rewards’ program. Get Registered today!
  • Purchases in the store, over the phone, or online all count!
  • Make your purchase on anything and *AFW donates 2-4% back to your school! (*Some manufacturers match 2%, earn up to 4% on these purchases.)
  • Support can come from outside your community as well!
  • Use of professional marketing designs and materials, free of charge!
  • Your school reward accumulates throughout the year from all community purchases associated with your school and your total donation is awarded after our August “Back to School” Event/Rally, or after a 10-day Store Rally we will host exclusively for your school community.
  • A $500 gift card will be given away at the end of the year to a customer who purchases to support a partner school during Store Rallies we host for partner schools, matched with an additional $500 back to the partner school they supported!
  • Program is available for nonprofit PreK & K-12 schools in CO, AZ, TX and some local delivery locations out-of-state.

Given Back:

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