AFW Gift Guide - Popular Picks For $500 Or Less

AFW Gift Guide - Popular Picks For $500 Or Less
The holiday season is upon us! Shop stylish gifts of $500 or less at American Furniture Warehouse.
Bedroom Bargains 
The holidays are a great time to invest in bedroom furniture and accessories. If you’re thinking about bedroom furniture upgrades, we strongly recommend ordering early to help ensure a timely arrival.

Durable Dining
If functional dining options are on the list, we have it covered. With stylish and space-friendly options, choose dining tables and accessories at low prices. You don’t have to buy a full set, either-- choose a bench to open up seating options, new chairs that accompany an existing table, or a server to add new storage and decor to an existing dining space.

Tasteful Tables

Cocktail and coffee tables have a fine way of pulling a room together as an anchor, offering space for décor and a safe haven for beverages. Modern designs include lift top features to allow multitasking and storage.

lift top cocktail table
Sofa bar tables paired with stools are a treasure, offering extra seating and snacking space at once. They can even be used as a quick and easy workspace.

sofa bar table

Relaxing Recliners & Chairs
Accent chairs are a quick and stylish way to add seating and flavor to a space. Comfortable recliners are perfect to look forward to after a long day.

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