Designer's Den | Rug Size

Designer's Den | Rug Size

Have you ever fallen in love with the right rug but picked the wrong size? This week, we'll show you how to place 3 rugs in different sizes, plus bonus tips on how to use our free 3D Room Planner here at to help you pick the right rug for your space. Tune in!

Planning to style a room with the perfect rug can seem challenging, but we're here to help! One of the handiest ways to determine the right rug is finding the correct size. One way to sort of "test out" size is to try our free 3D Room Planner. Our 3D Room Planner lets you design your room virtually to create dream space for your desired rug and furniture. Before using the 3D Room Planner, remember to take measurements of your space and already existing furniture for the best results. 

Another tip when looking for the perfect rug is to consider the three S's – size, scale and space. 

  • Size – What is the size of the room?
  • Scale – What is the scale of the furniture in the room?
  • Space – How is the space being used?

For example, a larger space with a sectional or multiple sofas that’s intended for entertaining would be best suited with a larger rug like the patterned Allegheny Gary Layers 8X11 Rug or with two smaller rugs that overlap like Francisco Amani Cream Shag 5X7 Rug and the Easy Clean Earth Textured 5X8 Rug. Using a larger rug or 2 smaller layered rugs really pulls the space together, making a warm and welcoming environment for you and your guests.

In a cozier space, a sofa and accent chair or a smaller sectional such as the Denali 2 Piece Italian Leather Sectional is best suited with a smaller rug like the Allegheny Gray Layers 5X8 Rug. A smaller rug will help anchor the furniture and create a comforting space.

For a space like a reading nook, a smaller rug such the stylish Breeze Blue Floral 5X8 Rug will bring the space together and balance more petite furniture like the Whittier Gray Accent Chair and the Callista Tufted Navy Ottoman

We hope these tips will help you feel assured when picking out the perfect size rug for your home. Don't forget to try out our 3D Room Planner and remember the three S's – size, scale and space for easier shopping. 

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