Blogger Spotlight | Coffee Bar with Halfstorymadewhole

Blogger Spotlight | Coffee Bar with Halfstorymadewhole

With a love for home décor and all things farmhouse, Danika from @halfstorymadewhole is a savvy home renovator with a talent for creating cozy spaces. We teamed up with her to present a home coffee bar – a trendy and brilliant décor idea for the home. There are several ways in which you can add a coffee station to your home that fits your style and your space!

Scroll down for a quick read on how Danika brought her design together!

Sideboard Round Rubbed Vase Vintage Tray Canisters

I’m excited to share my love of decorating with you. I love transforming spaces in my home that are boring into my absolute favorite rooms to be in! My passion for decorating has always been modern farmhouse, so I knew instantly I wanted to incorporate modern farmhouse pieces into this new design!

Coffee Bar Kitchen

Before creating our coffee bar area, the space was plain and needed something to make the room feel more complete. This sideboard and decor used to create our coffee bar station finished off our kitchen area by adding a rustic, cozy element!

Coffee Bar Front

Now our home will have a coffee area that makes the mornings relaxing and easy to cuddle on the couch with a warm cup of coffee! Did I mention that we can also store our coffee items in the cabinet? We also have more counter space now that we have a coffee area!

Coffee Bar Details

I love the washed white look of the home accessories. How cute are the canisters? I am obsessed with them. I really like the vintage serving tray to add to the completed rustic look for this home coffee bar. The tray has metal handles to provide a sturdy grip, but it also adds height to this side of the coffee bar to balance out the height of our coffee maker located on the opposite side.

Vase and Tray

The reason why we have so much AFW furniture in our home is because it is so sturdy, it is built great, but also the furniture is very reasonably priced. So you need to check them out!

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