Box Springs 101

Box Springs 101

You may not be thinking about box springs when you're picking out a mattress, but focusing only on the mattress itself is a mistake. Box springs play an important role by supporting your mattress and absorbing some of the shock that would otherwise put wear and tear on your mattress. That's why we recommend replacing your box springs whenever you get a new mattress. Placing a brand new mattress on a worn-out, ten-year-old box spring can lead to your mattress not feeling the way it should, sagging, and voiding your mattress warranty. A box spring also has a huge effect on the height and final look of your bed, so it pays to consider your box spring options before committing! 

Box Springs 101

What is a Low Profile Box Spring?

You're probably familiar with the standard 9" high-profile box spring, but you may not be so familiar with the 5" low-profile box spring. The low-profile box spring, a more recent option that came about as modern mattresses became thicker, provides the same support as a standard 9" high-profile box spring in a shorter height. Using a thick mattress with a high-profile box spring may result in a bed that's too high for you to get into and out of comfortably, and the combined height of the mattress and box spring may cover up too much of your headboard. On the other hand, if you use a low-profile box spring with a shorter mattress, you may end up with a gap between the top of your mattress and the bottom of your headboard or a bed that feels too low.

Box Springs 101

How Do You Know Which Box Spring Height You Need?

Grab your trusty tape measure and get ready to measure! First, find out the height of your bed frame by measuring from the floor to the cross slats in the bed frame. To calculate the total height of a bed, add the height from the floor to the cross slats + box spring height + mattress height. If you want to know how tall your mattress and box spring combo will be compared to your headboard, compare the box spring height + mattress height with the distance between the cross slats and the bottom of the headboard. Don't forget to factor in your mattress protector and bedding, which will add a couple of inches of extra height. Also keep in mind that different bed frames can have a huge difference in the height of the floor to the cross slats, so it's important to measure every bed frame you're considering if you're purchasing a new bed frame along with your new mattress.

Box Springs 101Do I Need a Split Queen Box Spring?

If you're purchasing a queen mattress, also consider whether or not a split queen box spring is right for you. Because box springs can't bend the way mattresses can, maneuvering a single, queen-sized box spring around corners and tight spaces can be a bit of a struggle. Split queen box springs are a great option in these cases because instead of a single, large box spring you have two smaller and more maneuverable box springs. Just remember that your bed frame must have some kind of center support if you use split queen box springs.

By knowing what type of box springs you need, you'll be able to choose the box springs that are right for you so you can sleep on the bed of your dreams! 

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