Don't just sleep —
sleep on a Cloud Mattress®

Made in Denver, Colorado and shipped directly to your door.

The Stuff Clouds Are Made Of

The Cloud Mattress® combines Cloud gel memory foam and cooling HyPURGel™ memory foam with Individual Comfort Core Coils to give you the benefits of both memory foam and innerspring mattresses. The memory foams gently cradle you as you sleep, relieving your pressure points and keeping you cool so you get the sleep you need to take on the day. Read More

The Cloud Mattress® also features Hybrid Technology. This means the Cloud Mattress® incorporates Individual Comfort Coils that provide support and eliminate motion transfer between you and your partner. This truly is the best of both worlds!

Breezy Setup

Step 1: Unbox

Carry your Cloud Mattress® to the room where it's going to live. Remove it from the box.

Step 2: Unwrap

Lay your Cloud Mattress® on the bed you'll be using. Carefully pull away the plastic wrapping.

Step 3: Unroll

Step back and watch as your Cloud Mattress® unrolls itself.

Watch How To Unbox The Cloud Mattress®

Buying A Mattress Shouldn't Make You Lose Sleep

We believe that buying a mattress should be easy and stress-free!


Try the Cloud Mattress® risk-free for 100 nights. We promise that you won't regret it.


Your Cloud Mattress® will ship to you via FedEx after it is made just for you in our Denver, Colorado factory.

Free Returns

If the Cloud Mattress® just isn't working out for you, drop us a line and we'll schedule a free pickup and a refund.

The Cloud Mattress® is sold at every American Furniture Warehouse location.

Made In Denver, Colorado

Every Cloud Mattress® is made in our Denver factory that's nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Each mattress you order is made just for you before it is shipped to your door.

The Cloud Mattress® is a product of American Furniture Warehouse, one of the largest furniture retailers in the United States. AFW has been bringing customers the best deals and widest selection of furniture and home decor since 1975.

Environmentally Friendly

Our memory foams are CertiPUR-US® certified. This means that they have been independently laboratory tested and certified to meet voluntary standards for content, emissions, and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every Cloud Mattress® is 11" high. The length and width are the standard U.S. mattress dimensions:

Twin: 38" W x 75" L
Twin XL: 38" W x 80" L
Full: 54" W x 75" L
Queen: 60" W x 80" L
King: 76" W x 80" L
California King: 72" W x 84" L

Note: The given measurements are approximate. Some variation in size is normal and not a defect.

Note: All weights include the shipping box. Actual mattress weight may vary.

Twin: 75 lb.
Twin XL: 85 lb.
Full: 90 lb.
Queen: 95 lb.
King: 105 lb.
California King: 105 lb.

It has a medium firmness that most people will find extremely comfortable, with a nice blend of bounciness and support from the HyPURGel™ memory foam, Cloud gel memory foam, and Individual Comfort Coils.

The Cloud Mattress® combines two types of high quality gel memory foam and Individual Comfort Coils to give you the benefits of each: the cooling comfort of gel memory foam and the support of Comfort Coils. The Cloud Mattress® is designed to sleep cool, have less motion and give you better support than conventional mattresses.

The Cloud Mattress® is designed to help keep you cool as you sleep. The top layer is breathable memory foam and the middle layer is infused with cooling gel.

Memory foam and tempered Individual Comfort Coils are both durable materials so your mattress should last a long time.

  1. Carry your Cloud Mattress® to the room where it's going to live. Remove it from the box.
  2. Lay your Cloud Mattress® on the bed you'll be using. Carefully cut away the plastic wrapping.
  3. Step back and watch your Cloud Mattress® expand. Your Cloud Mattress® will have expanded 90% an hour after you unbox it, and will be totally expanded within 24 hours of unboxing.

You can spot-clean stains with mild detergent and distilled water. But really, we strongly recommend that you use a mattress protector to keep your Cloud Mattress® breezy clean.

While you don't need to use a mattress protector, we strongly recommend that you do. A moisture-resistant mattress protector will keep your mattress fresh and clean.

All sheets designed to work with an 11" mattress. This height is within the standard range of U.S. mattress heights, so you should have no trouble finding sheets that work with your mattress.

Not necessarily. Your Cloud Mattress® will work on almost any flat, stable surface. This includes box springs, foundations, slatted bases, platform beds, adjustable bases, and the floor. While you can put your new Cloud Mattress® on an old set of box springs if they're in good condition, we strongly recommend that you invest in a new base.

You can fold or bend your Cloud Mattress® for short periods of time (to maneuver it around corners and stuff), but you shouldn't store it when it's folded, bent, or rolled. This will permanently damage the mattress.

You can sleep on the Cloud Mattress® an hour after you unbox it; however, it won't be fully expanded until 24 hours after unboxing.

Go ahead! You can use a heating pad with the Cloud Mattress®.

Yes. Our memory foams are CertiPUR-US® certified. This means that they have been independently laboratory tested and certified to meet voluntary standards for content, emissions, and durability.

Your Cloud Mattress® will be delivered by FedEx. You'll be emailed a tracking number when your Cloud Mattress® ships so you can watch its journey to your door.

Yes. You will receive a FedEx tracking number as soon as your mattress ships.

It should take 5-7 business days from the time that you place your order.

Of course! Stop by any of the 14 American Furniture Warehouse locations in Colorado and Arizona to try the Cloud Mattress®. You can even buy one to take home with you!

Unfortunately we are not able to offer online financing at this time. However, financing is available if you purchase a Cloud Mattress® from an American Furniture Warehouse location.

If you live in AZ, CO, NE, SD, or WY you will be charged sales tax. Your sales tax will automatically be calculated when you check out.

The Cloud Mattress® comes with a 10 year limited warranty that covers manufacturing defects only. This limited warranty is provided only to the original purchaser and is not transferrable. The warranty begins from the date of purchase. You must have the receipt and law tag for warranty consideration. To redeem the warranty the mattress must be in good condition and not otherwise damaged or abused. If the mattress is stained, soiled, ripped, or burned the warranty is void. The warranty does not apply to and excludes:

• Body impressions of less than 1.5".
• Comfort preferences.
• Sheet fit.
• Burns, cuts, or tears.
• Mattresses displaying stains or soil that reasonably indicates the presence of potentially dangerous bodily fluids, blood borne pathogens, or other substances that could cause injury.
• Mattress damage due to an inadequate foundation and/or support system.
• Damage to the product due to customer abuse including standing or jumping on the mattress.
• Normal changes in softness or recovery time of high-density foam due to normal use, temperature, or humidity.

Get in touch with us through phone or email within 100 days of purchase and we'll arrange a pickup and a refund. Please note that we will not accept any mattress that is soiled, stained, ripped, cut, or burned.

Phone: (303) 289-3300
Toll Free: 1-800-992-7997
Fax: (303) 288-1137
Email: [email protected]

Nope! Just get in contact with us and we'll arrange to have your mattress picked up.

After you receive your Cloud Mattress® you have 100 nights to decide if the Cloud Mattress® is right for you. While you can return your Cloud Mattress® any time during the 100 night trial period, we recommend that you try the mattress for at least 30 days before making a final decision. This is because it takes a little time for the Cloud Mattress® to break in and for your body to adjust to the new level of support and comfort. If you do decide to return your Cloud Mattress®, get in touch with us and we'll arrange a pick up and a refund.