Create a functional sleeping & work space

Create a functional sleeping & work space

Short on space and not sure where to put your work space in your home? We've created a functional and inviting bedroom space that can help inspire you while you work from home. Whether you have a small space or extra space in your home, let us help inspire you with this functional sleep and work space.

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Here are some of our key pieces to highlight in this look. For the entire look please click the link above!


Bostwick Dresser Graydon Puzzle Display Cube | Linen Swivel Chair | Baraga L-Desk | Bostwick Queen Bed 

Practical Touches & Clean Color Palettes

Start with a classic white bed that is simple and clean that allows the yellow and grey palette to liven up the space. Add in neutral tones with a pop of color throughout your space to keep it inviting and clean. Adding chairs with a bookspace defines the space even further by adding in more functionality to your room. Plus, it adds that nice cozy touch where you can curl up with a good book when you're not working at your desk. The L shaped desk provides a perfect place to work and adding in storage cubes helps stow away items when they're not in use, keeping your space clean and clutter free.

Style For Less

All the items in this look help keep money in your wallet. You can style this exact room for yourself for under $2,700, that includes the mattress!