Creative Furniture Pairings: Accent Chairs + Wall Art & Rugs

Creative Furniture Pairings: Accent Chairs + Wall Art & Rugs
Accent chairs not only provide chic seating but are also a great way to add color and texture to a room. Now let’s take it a step further into stylish décor by pairing an accent chair with vibrant wall art or textured rugs to create the perfect vibe.
Take a look at how these various accent chair pairings can instantly change the mood of your favorite rooms.
Soothing Sage & Cream/Beige
Sage is a delicate and calming shade of green that pairs beautifully with cream or beige, creating a warm and neutral palette. If you have sage walls, choose a cream or beige accent chair to bring earth tone charm to the entire room. Chairs with nail head trim, like the Whittier Natural Accent Chair below, add additional appeal to the look. Match this with the Magnolias Wall Art, with rich colors and fine detail to complete this natural and cozy theme.
sage and cream

Bold in Black
Alternatively, the entire look above can also be done against a black or dark brick wall, creating a beautiful contrast with light and dark.

Looking for a more modern vibe with a dark brick, black, or grey wall? Create an attractive city-esque look by pairing the striking Calvin Black Accent Chairs with the Street Scene Metal Accent. Just two products can instantly create a sleek, metropolis vibe in your room.

Soft Marine
The soft blue hues in this Roscoe Arm Chair plus the geometric design in the Clearwater Marine Chalk/Shade rug blend to create a contemporary vibe in this pairing. The weaving technique in the rug add depth and texture to the look. Tonal blues and clean ivory create the perfect amount of contrast for this soft, eye-appealing pairing.

A Brush of Brown

If you’re hoping to achieve a cleaner look with simple lines and soft colors, consider this pairing. The cream upholstery with the brown on the back and sides of the Burton Chair create a two-tone palette that easily pairs with the Pyramid Lake rug, with its blue, cream, and brown features. This combination creates a warm, dusky vibe, perfect for relaxing with a good book.

Teal Appeal

Single colored chairs with a hint of sass are perfect to pair with patterned rugs. The designer appeal of this Wing Parson Chair in Ocean Fabric combines beautifully with the bold and deep pattern of the Redondo Ivory Indigo Rug. The rich color of the chair with the velvet-like fabric draws out the amazing palette of the teal and ivory rug. This pairing creates a luxury vibe without budget-breaking costs.

Fun with Fuchsia

You might think a colorful chair like this Mallory Purple Tufted Tub Chair requires a fancy setting. But just look at how the rich purple tone of the chair and Variegated Purple Mums artwork pair beautifully with a simple grey floor and wall. This color creates a fun and royal vibe, lifting the mood of the room. Adding in a few faux trees create the perfect color scheme and yet another luxurious look without the expensive costs. 

If you’re looking for creative ways to add an accent chair to your favorite space, remember that furniture pairings can add unique appeal without expensive picks. Accent chairs can be paired with wall art and/or a rug – just two items that can create the visual appeal your space has been longing for.

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