Designer's Den | Neutral 3 Ways

Designer's Den | Neutral 3 Ways

Wondering how to get more creative with neutral furniture? Today, we're styling the Traemore Linen Sofa 3 different ways to inspire creativity. Tune in!

Neutrals are a great way to achieve versatility with almost any look. That's why we chose the neutral Traemore Linen Sofa to style 3 looks – Farmhouse, Southwest Modern, and Glam.


Our first look is the popular Farmhouse style that focuses on practicality, simplicity, and rustic charm. Typically in Farmhouse looks, we often see a handful of patterns like florals, plaids, and paisleys mixed in with tarnished metals and textures to really reflect the aesthetics of rural architecture and modern comforts. Therefore, the plaid and floral pillows that come with the Traemore Linen Sofa, the Set of 3 White Distressed Candles Holders, and the Wood and Metal Clock are the perfect choices when it comes to Farmhouse accents. 

In addition to the sofa, and it’s charming décor, using a chair like the Traemore Accent Chair really makes those patterns, textures, and blue hues pop. To ground the look, using tables like the Stone End Table and the Stone Cocktail Table alongside the beautiful Rokes Brick Blue Abstract 8X10 Rug are best suited to maintain that “comfy cozy” balance.



Our next look on deck is Southwest Modern. This style features rustic Southwest elements with an emphasis on desert and Southwestern motifs all while intertwining minimalist design. 

Since Southwest Modern is more known for its warm, earthy tones, the pillows that came with the sofa have been swapped for the 20X20 Nomadic Desert Pillows and the 20X20 Aged Iron Pillows to highlight other accessories like the modern Diamond Black Wall Décor and the more rustic Estate Somersby Black Rug. Other pieces featured in this look such as the Wesley Cocktail Ottoman and the Revolve Saddle Swivel Chair bring the warmth that speaks to Southwestern style all while bringing in a more modern style with sleek textures. 


Our third and final look is the Glam style. A look that takes modern and occasionally traditional furniture and adds spark and personality through ornamental accessories and details.

Once again, we have the lovely, neutral Traemore Sofa paired with different pillows that better suit the style like the Moroccan Gold 18X18 Pillows, the Gold Diamonds on Pearl 18X18 Pillows and the Gray Velvet Pillows. Since the Glam style combines multiple metallics, mixing golds and silvers in décor like the Grey Glass Vase, the Metal Wood Eye Sculpture, and the Leaves with Gold Accent Art really brings everything together while keeping a glamorous feel. 



We hope that after going through Farmhouse style, Southwest Modern style, and Glam style that you feel inspired to change things up and get creative with your neutrals. 

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