Designing with Accent Chairs

Designing with Accent Chairs

Liven up your home with an accent chair (or two). See our recommendations for adding these inexpensive pieces to your space!


Whether you're looking for a cozy armchair, a comfy chaise or a sophisticated accent chair like the classic tub chair, you can easily introduce style to your space using a single furniture piece. Accent furniture is a piece of furniture that is meant to stand out in your living space and complement your home décor. Accent chairs are fantastic options to style with a piece that is a bit more robust than the rest of your décor.

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Tub Chair

Color & Pattern

Bring in color or patterns using an accent chair. If you have neutral-colored décor, here’s your chance to easily add lively patterns and peppy colors. If your décor already has hues, consider accent chairs that will allow you to extend your color throughout your design. Remember you can even mix patterns as long as both patterns have similar colors. Mixing patterns is a fun and creative way to create contrast.

Patterned Chairs


Mixing textures in your space using accent chairs is a fun and interesting option. When you mix fabric and leather, you will create textural interest. When mixing leather and fabric, it’s best to introduce fabric or linen accent chairs to a leather sofa. Doing so will lighten the space even if you have lots of natural light. You can also add texture to your space with tufted fabric to add dimension. Either way, mixing and matching upholstery fabrics will create an eclectic design if you are taking a more personalized approach to your design.

White & Brown Chair