Donation Form

We Provide Support in the Following Forms

  • Items for fundraisers/auctions
  • Monetary donations and/or funds matching
  • Event sponsorships and community partnerships
  • Furniture donations

We Do Not Provide

  • Donations directly to individuals
  • Contributions in consecutive or multiple years
  • Support to programs without a connection to Colorado, Arizona, or Texas

Donation Request Submission Details

  • Requests must be submitted through our community page.
  • Requests must clearly illustrate how the contribution will improve the lives of the beneficiaries
  • The review process will take at least 4 to 6 weeks
  • Because of the number of requests we receive, we are only able to notify requests that are approved
  • School donation requests will be considered if it benefits the entire school.  We do give back to schools through our school rewards program.