How to Take Your Dorm Room to the Next Level

How to Take Your Dorm Room to the Next Level

When you first move into your dorm, it can be pretty generic thanks to the school-provided furniture and total lack of decor. Here are three ways to take your dorm room to the next level so that it’s more comfortable and personalized.

Dorm bed


Getting good sleep is essential (especially after pulling an all-nighter,) so it’s important to think about the bed in your dorm room. Whether your school requires you to use the mattress provided with the room or is one of the rare few that allows you to bring your own mattress, a good mattress protector is absolutely crucial. It acts as a barrier between you and any potential grossness of a dorm mattress. Check what size bed your school provides before buying anything to make sure that you get the right stuff—most schools use twin XL mattresses, which are five inches longer than a standard twin mattress and require their own specific bedding.

Once you have your mattress and mattress protector taken care of, think about the bed itself. You can get more usable space out of your dorm by lofting your bed so that you can use the space underneath for extra storage space, as a spot to relax, or a convenient place for your desk. If you can’t loft your bed, see if putting it on risers is an option. You won’t be able to work or relax under the bed, but you can still get plenty of usable storage space.

Dorm desk


It pays to have a good place to hit the books, so creating a study spot is a must. Your dorm will likely provide a desk and a chair, but the chair they provide might not be the most comfortable. Bringing a better desk chair for your desk will help you stay comfy through a long study session. If your dorm doesn’t provide one, you should also bring along a desk lamp for task lighting when you work at your desk. Lamps are handy for late-night studying when you don’t want to keep your roomie up while also providing an alternative for harsh fluorescent ceiling lights.

Extra seating under a loft bed


In between all the things you’re obligated to do, you’ll also want to relax. Having extra seating is great for when you have friends over in your room as well when you just don’t want to sit in your bed or at your desk. Don’t forget to add some smart storage as well, like a storage ottoman with a tray that can double as a mini table for snacks while you make your way through your Netflix queue. While you might just plan on watching all your favorite shows on your laptop, bringing along a TV is great if you want to watch things with a friend or want a larger, multipurpose screen for your laptop. Amp up the coziness in your room by adding some color and warmth to your floor with an area rug.

Adding just a few items like a mattress protector, desk chair, and extra seating will take your dorm room to the next level and make it a better place to sleep, study, and relax. Instead of enduring an impersonal room, you’ll be enjoying a comfortable and personalized space.