Learn the Lingo: Features in Furniture

Learn the Lingo: Features in Furniture
There was once a time it was frowned upon to eat or drink on the couch. In fact, wrapping furniture in plastic was standard, using only your eyes for admiration. Wearing shoes or laying down on the sofa could earn a scolding, and only Dad could get away with having a pen near his favorite chair for a crossword puzzle.
As lifestyles have evolved, so has our furniture. Living room and bedroom essentials come complete with charging ports, snake lights, and convenient drop tables with cup holders. Ottomans are made to double as coffee tables and trays, and sofas and sectionals come with bigger beds and hidden storage compartments. You don’t have to trade style for convenience with these options, either.
Check out these modern features in furniture that are perfect for multifunctional needs:
USB/AC/Wireless Charging
One common frustration when buying new furniture is placing it around your wall outlets. Extension cords can become messy and dangerous.  One popular feature in furniture is the USB charging port, making it easier to place furniture how you want it in your rooms. Some models even have wireless charging options.

Side tables also come with USB and AC charging areas, making it easier to keep your essentials charged. Keeping laptops, tablets, and phones connected and easily accessible is a breeze.

Home offices have become more common and necessary in the past year. Desks can help you stay connected in style with convenient USB charging ports.

These useful features even follow you to the bedroom, with nightstands and beds equipped with multiple USB and AC ports.

Cupholders & Tables

Coffee tables still reign as stylish, flat bases to place drinks and other décor, but don’t sleep on ottomans. Not only are they perfect for storage, but evolving designs include sturdy trays and options with handy cupholders.

Side tables also come with pull-out drink trays, making it easier to store open drinks, reducing the risk of a messy spill in the living room.

LED Lighting
Another fun and convenient feature in furniture is LED lighting. Ambient base lights can add a nice effect when in theater mode. Cupholders with LED lights make it easier to guide beverages in the area without bumps and spills.

Snake lights make it easier to do light reading and allow you to turn off extra lights in the room.

There are several features in furniture that pair perfectly with our busy lifestyles. These multifunctional features also take comfort and coziness to the next level, allowing you to sit in one spot longer without having to move or get up for essentials.

Ready to incorporate these products into your home? Check out these ideas and more below, and give us a call or stop by any American Furniture Warehouse location to find multifunctional furniture that works for your needs.