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AFW Glendale, AZ

AFW Glendale, AZ

Open Until 10 PM
5801 N 99th AVE
Glendale, AZ 85305
(602) 422-8800
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AFW Glendale, AZ

0 mi.
Open Until 10 PM
5801 N 99th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305
(602) 422-8800
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AFW Gilbert, AZ

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4700 S Power Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
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Rainy Agathla Peak 32x48 *D

SKU: 125-9740370
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  • Rainy Agathla Peak 32x48 from David Morgan Photography.
  • Wet and muddy, I left the comfort of my vehicle, with umbrella in hand to catch this hilly peak outside Kayenta, Arizona.
  • Leaving Monument Valley, heading back to Phoenix, it was rainy and cold, and I was settled in for the long haul back home.
  • Through the fogged and wet windows of my vehicle, I saw Agathla Peak, as I passed it, barely visible through the low lying clouds and rain.
  • As I drove toward Kayenta, I was being called by the mountain, to stop and turn around and grab this elusive moment in time, inspite of the mud and rain.
  • After a few miles of arguing with myself, I turned around and headed back, not sure what all the fuss was about.
  • As I stood there, with umbrella in hand and camera and tripod at the ready..I waited for the mountain to clear of fog and clouds.
  • Cold and pouring rain, eventually gave way to an opening in the clouds to snap one photo, before it closed up again.
  • This second in time, I share with you.

**Available to Direct Ship Anywhere in the US**

Morganzo Photography

Collection Details
Dave Morgan

My inspiration and love for photography comes from a unique perspective from the early age of 19. I was on active duty for the Air Force in Europe, stationed in Italy, with a love for two things; I was chasing my dream as a country music entertainer and a deep rooted passion for photography. The Air Force created an opportunity for me to travel the world as an entertainer and along with it, put me in front of fabulous locations to photograph.ûI bought my 1st real camera, a Minolta 101 and started my love affair with capturing and absorbing as much of Europe as I could in 2 years. I was able to travel to the far reaches of Norway and Sweden, all the way to Athens and the Island of Crete. From the streets of Venice, Rome, London, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt and all points in between including the Swiss and Italian Alps. I was hooked and continued through the years traveling and pursuing this beautiful world we live in through "The Eyes of the Lens". Music allowed me to perform all over the U.S. and Europe, and along with it, to photograph wonderful landscapes and people.

For many years in the 80's, I contracted to photograph upcoming actors and models and helped them with their portfolio distribution to the likes of the Ford Agency in New York and every major market in the U.S. I have photographed in all 50 states. For the past 15 years, with many trips back and forth across the nation, the Caribbean, Hawaii, South Pacific and Europe, I have been creating Photography Workshop locations to teach photography enthusiast all that I love and learned. One of my latest passions is "Painting with Light", sometimes taking 200-300 photographs of a single scene, with a flashlight! Then I combine them in Photoshop to create a unique, sculptured photograph, that vibrates with color and shadow. Hope you enjoy my photographs.