Renter Friendly Decorating Tips

Renter Friendly Decorating Tips

If you are renting then decorating your space may be challenging when you are trying to make as few dents as possible. Here are a few renter-friendly decorating tips that will help you own your space without threatening your deposit.

  1.      Make a statement

The right accent chair will make an impression in your space. Accent chairs are fantastic ways to style with a piece that is a bit more robust than the rest of your décor. Take this opportunity to bring in color, patterns, or texture to your space!

  1.      Light it up

The influence of lamps should not be underestimated. They not only provide alternative lighting to harsh overhead lights but they play a major role in establishing the style in your space. Whether you are wanting a traditional feel or a boho bungalow – your lamps will help set the tone.

  1.  Find a place for it

Chances are if you are renting then your space is a little smaller. Get organized by picking furniture that offers multiple uses. A bookshelf is a good place to start since it will double as a display for your treasured keepsake items.

  1. Layer and Texturize

Build depth and character by adding layers and textures. You can create layers using throws and decorative pillows. Texturizing is made easy by mixing items that are made of different mediums. Wood, metal, marble, linen, and wool are all items that you can put in your space to help transform your rental.

Detail Chair
  1.  Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Mirrors are the illusionists of space. They reflect light and assist with creating a brighter space. They can also make a smaller room appear larger than it is. Both wall and leaner mirrors will do the job so pick the one that best fits your space!