Shop the Look: Furniture That Moves with You

Shop the Look: Furniture That Moves with You

Don’t wait until you have a bigger space to start developing your style. Build your style by picking furniture and décor items that can grow with you! These three tips will help you choose pieces that you can easily adapt to different spaces and move from home to home.

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Furniture That Moves With You

Choose Neutrals

Neutral furniture makes it easy to swap in and out pieces and gives a room a mature and sophisticated look. For the living room, choose a sofa in a beige, cream, grey, or taupe color to allow for versatility with any décor. This will ensure your living room will always look great no matter how many times you change up your look.

Furniture that Moves With You


Buying an entire living room or bedroom collection can make a room feel like a catalog rather than a lived-in space. Avoid that problem by mixing different styles and tones throughout your home to create a stylish, more collected look. Mix-and-matching also makes it easier to swap out and add on to your style as you move from place to place.

Furniture That Moves with You

Personalize Your Space  

Add patterns and textures to your space to give your home a comfortable and fun vibe. Rugs, pillows, and throws are all easy, budget-friendly ways to add warmth and visual-interest to a room. These items also help pull a room together and can be easily rearranged or changed when moving into a new space.

Furniture That Moves With You

There’s no need to start from scratch if your move to a bigger space. Whether you’re expanding your style or trying to mesh living rooms with someone else, your furniture can move and grow with you.

Furniture That Moves With You

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