Gilbert, AZ

Gilbert, AZ

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Gilbert, AZ
4700 S Power Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 500-4121 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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4700 S Power Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85296
(480) 500-4121 See Store Details


Phoenix, AZ 85015
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5801 N 99th Ave
Glendale, AZ 85305
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
4/23/2024 12:22:19 AM
By Ryan Doyle (07TacomaAFEMagnaDual)
4/22/2024 8:42:13 PM
By Irene Duron
i’ve had a great experience with the delivery team on multiple occasions at this location. they’re very quick, professional and mindful of everything. thank you seth & ray, AFW is lucky to have workers like you.
4/22/2024 8:10:17 PM
By Alex Quintana
1/19/2019 11:29:25 PM
By David Raveles
12/17/2018 12:29:11 AM
By V Corral
11/3/2018 7:17:22 PM
By Hector Muruato
4/22/2024 6:03:22 PM
By Lori Thompson
Delivery was very efficient. Workers were professional and cared about where we wanted to put everything.
4/22/2024 5:44:32 PM
By Jennifer Baker
4/22/2024 4:53:24 PM
By Richard Cardenas
4/22/2024 4:40:28 PM
By Sharon Egerson
4/22/2024 4:03:29 PM
By Julie McCann
Great service at the show room not super pushy. Salesman just let me know they were there. I got to shop around and then made my decisions and they were super helpful. By the way, delivery was fantastic. The best delivery I’ve seen of a furniture company. Very professional all around And I love my new furniture, a console for the living room for the TV, a new platform bed and a chest of drawers. They look great.
4/22/2024 4:01:10 PM
By Martha Gonzales
4/22/2024 3:31:29 PM
By Carmen D'Amore
Great Service
6/21/2021 5:45:27 PM
By Rhoda Gill
Bought a retro sofa and delivered with care.
4/22/2024 3:33:10 AM
By Frank Zidar
4/22/2024 12:37:16 AM
By Raymond Slaughter
4/21/2024 9:39:22 PM
By Karl Taylor
Our delivery guys were on time and professional. We have furnished our last 2 homes with American.
4/21/2024 8:12:34 PM
By Tina Duarte
4/21/2024 8:18:40 PM
By chase tate
4/21/2024 7:13:26 PM
By Maurice Forest
4/21/2024 6:26:55 PM
4/21/2024 3:43:00 PM
By Steven Seel
4/21/2024 5:45:27 AM
By Lizzy Diane
Went in to the Gilbert’s AZ location looking for a new bedroom and dining room set. Elias was extremely helpful and directed us to exactly what we were looking for. Though the work on commission only, Elias was not pushy and truly worked with us to find what we weee looking for. The delivery guys (two different occasions) were very professional- You don’t get that with other furniture stores, so that was a huge plus too!!!
4/21/2024 3:11:22 AM
By Ashley Spiker
have always loved AFW but shopping at this location was perfect today! CC helped us out and was so personable, funny and stuck it out with us during issues we came across! will def be back and will def be buying with AFW and CC again!!
4/20/2024 9:47:35 PM
By Bernie
In and out in 5 minutes! 1 recliner delivered.
4/20/2024 8:45:06 PM
By Micah Key
4/20/2024 8:25:03 PM
Team that showed up was amazing, very well coordinated.
4/20/2024 7:19:35 PM
By janette gann
4/20/2024 7:08:29 PM
By Gilbert Calderon
Great furniture, great prices, and great customer service!!!
4/20/2024 6:25:05 PM
By Tamara O'Connor
4/20/2024 6:33:44 PM
By Corey Amato
Great salesman.. Great delivery and setup
4/20/2024 4:46:49 PM
By Shirley Banas
4/20/2024 4:53:37 PM
By Otto Haller
4/20/2024 4:24:35 PM
By Cailey Jones
This is the absolute best place for new furniture. The lowest prices anywhere, no negotiating, and their service is fantastic. We bought a sofa, loveseat, bed, and mattress and it was all delivered in two days. They even set it all up for us. Highly recommend.
4/20/2024 3:17:39 AM
By Diane Palmateer
Everyone was very pleasant. When the loveseat was brought home and put together, we noticed that one side leaned . The back of the loveseat leaned to one side. I called customer service, and said I wanted another one delivered. This one was already put together, and appeared evenly straight.
4/20/2024 1:10:55 AM
By Lydia La Mendola
4/19/2024 11:37:29 PM
By Chip Sikes
4/19/2024 10:41:34 PM
By Carol Eirich
The wrong color furniture was ordered but I caught it in time and everything was corrected very quickly and easily. Delivery was super smooth and very quick
4/19/2024 6:22:21 PM
By david wolff
4/19/2024 8:21:48 PM
By Tisa Putney
Great customer service sales rep was amazing
4/19/2024 6:29:33 PM
By Brian Eastwood
4/19/2024 6:07:03 PM
By Ayushman Mathur
This place has hundreds of great furniture options with affordable prices and great customer service. We just got our Sofa and Centre table delivered and assembled. The delivery service is superb as well.
4/19/2024 6:15:16 PM
By hilary jfs
Massive selections of furniture for every room and your patio! Gilbert showroom is like Disneyland
4/19/2024 5:48:22 PM
By kristina gonzalez
good quality furniture definitely recommend the delivery they put everything together in minutes there amazing!
4/19/2024 5:55:01 PM
By William Hutchins
11/1/2021 3:10:19 PM
By Pat Maurer
Love American Warehouse Furniture. They have so much to pick from, staff is helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend this company.
4/19/2024 4:37:44 PM
By Sofia
4/19/2024 3:56:15 PM
By Randy Fitch
Happy withthe whole process and delivery.
4/19/2024 3:24:59 PM
By biden 2020
4/19/2024 3:24:41 PM
By Jerry Pearce (Pearce)
4/19/2024 3:04:51 PM
By Joanne Kilbourne
4/19/2024 12:24:02 AM
By Beth Larson
4/18/2024 8:12:56 PM
By Christi Adams
Excellent experience. Great sales team. Awesome delivery service. Will definitely buy from you again. So glad you could deliver to our Show Low cabin ♥️
4/18/2024 7:04:48 PM
By Mellisa Munoz
4/18/2024 6:25:30 PM
By Jewell Freel
4/18/2024 6:11:29 PM
By Vijaya Narasimha
4/18/2024 3:43:13 PM
By Regina Davis
4/17/2024 10:51:06 PM
By Carli Tsosie
You will not be disappointed! Nothing but a great experience when purchasing both times a king size mattress and sectional couch at American Furniture Warehouse! Biggest thank you to David Lopez who helped me w/ in purchasing a sectional couch. I’ve had my heart set on this couch that I came back for so when I didn’t see it on floor where it was last time I asked another worker if they still had it and they told me it’s gone. I felt kinda bummed tried to look at others and my 2nd option but that’s when David appeared when I was asking for pricing info on a few. Told him about the situation so he tried to show me a couch in same price range of one I originally wanted…. the couch he showed me was the one I’ve been looking for they just moved it around!!! I was so excited and happy it was actually still there also that I ran into him because he really went extra mile for me. He was so kind and helpful. They overall have excellent customer service and huge store w/ so many beautiful pieces w/ great deals too.
4/17/2024 10:48:34 PM
By Carla Lester
We found the best sofa, loveseat, and recliner at AFW!! We had never been there before and I am so glad we went. They have a huge selection of very reasonably priced furniture. The pieces that we bought look like they cost much more than what we paid for them. They are beautiful and also very comfortable. We will definitely be coming back next time we need new furniture. We would also like to thank our sales associate CC, she was so helpful and friendly!! Our AFW experience was the best!!
4/17/2024 5:05:55 PM
By Gregg Stackler
The price for the quality you can buy makes this store worth a look.
4/17/2024 3:24:12 PM
By Jose Gastelum
4/17/2024 3:24:12 AM
By R Wayne Johnson
Everything was great
4/17/2024 2:14:34 AM
By rameshwari ghimire
4/17/2024 12:26:25 AM
By Doug Higgins
Excellent variety of furniture choices with very good quality but low prices!
4/16/2024 10:45:31 PM
By terry ricketts
Excellent service and immediate delivery .
4/16/2024 7:46:27 PM
By Steve Robinson
Mark, our salesperson was great! Took his time with us and was very helpful picking out what we wanted. The delivery guys were awesome! Quick, polite and helpful. Five stars!
7/19/2021 8:45:31 PM
By Kelly Hill-Hardaway
I ordered my dresser and nightstand on Saturday and it was delivered on Tuesday, saving me $10 off delivery . The delivery driver kept in contact with me and let me know when he was about 30minutes away. When they arrived they asked me where I wanted them set up, went to the truck and got my nightstand, then my dresser and had it set up in about 5 minutes! They were quick and courteous. I will definitely recommend and buy from American Furniture Warehouse again in the future.
4/16/2024 5:32:34 PM
By Nasrean Sweiss
4/16/2024 5:36:32 PM
By M Siljegovic
5/22/2023 3:25:23 PM
By Robin Ryan
Angela was great!! So helpful and patient.
4/16/2024 5:12:29 PM
By gayle arnson
9/24/2021 4:21:12 PM
By Jason Latella
High quality couch and standing desk. Delivery was quick and professional. I e used them in the past will will use them again in the future!
4/16/2024 5:39:54 AM
By Matt Taylor
Love our new couches! This place is massive!
4/15/2024 8:20:24 PM
By Joe Krizek
4/15/2024 8:26:29 PM
By Joe Rogers
Disappointed to say the least!! Being told that there is $300.00 minimum purchase to use their card is ridiculous, especially when they told me that's it's Wells Fargos policy, which was a lie. I was on the phone with a Wells Fargo rep when they told me that. I've spent thousands with this company whether personal or through my wife interior decorating business and will now be taking my business elsewhere.
4/15/2024 7:30:01 PM
By Margaret Maloney
Great people, fast service and friendly
4/15/2024 6:31:36 PM
By A May
Excellent customer service at every level of purchase. A damaged delivery was remedied very pleasantly and quickly. Have made two purchase from Afw in past year and would look forward to doing business with them again.
4/15/2024 5:43:50 PM
By Stephen Hall
4/15/2024 5:48:35 PM
By Susana Morris
4/15/2024 4:22:32 PM
By Kent
Great service and great product. Love our new sectional. Thank you to our deliverers Chris and Joe! They were amazing!
4/15/2024 3:35:32 PM
By Chelsea Allred
I’m so glad I stumbled across American furniture warehouse while couch shopping online. Can’t beat the prices. My experience from start to finish was great. My salesperson was very helpful and the delivery service went smooth and everything looks great. 10/10 would recommend.
4/15/2024 3:02:50 PM
By Joyce Meek
Very prompt, courteous, and excellent service.
4/15/2024 2:39:54 PM
By Arnice Broom
Store Assoc's were great! But their delivery members need more training! I asked them to help me with putting the mattresses I bought elsewhere onto the bed he just put together, and he claimed due to previous claimants that he WOULDN'T, I said there right there still in the plastic! And they wouldn't put the USB on the night stands, told me that ,all I needed was a screwdriver to install them!!! I said isn’t that your job? He said they don't do that!? I said what did I pay for, delivery and installation for? He said he did that? I haven't called the store yet, just think, I'm not going to go back to AFW again if this is what I'm going to be treated for what I paid for!! If anyone from AFW wants to contact me, plz find invoice and contact information and email and/or call me...plz
4/14/2024 9:00:04 PM
By Audrey Brown
4/14/2024 9:02:24 PM
By Jennifer Henkell
I had the best buying experience. It may not be everyone’s preference, but if yours matches, mine shop here! The store is huge and I begin upfront making my way through the whole store, Needing to buy about six different furniture items for a new place. Sales associates were around and available for help, but I’m one that likes to look and make decisions on my own, have associates available if I need question answered or when I’m ready to purchase and that’s exactly what this store was. I loved it. Within 60 seconds of me making my final decision I was working with the sales associate walking back through the store pointing out each item that I had decided on. There were a couple of pieces I had questions on as far as color or similar styles, which he was easily able to help with. That’s just the service which is great, but I ordered the pieces on Friday late afternoon and Sunday 9am they were being delivered to my home. The sales associate even explained that it was a little longer than normal delivery because it was a weekend. I thought 36 hours delivery time was wonderful, but it sounds like it might normally be even less. In the store, I was impressed with the pricing. It was what I considered very fair, not overpriced at all and lot of reduced prices. I was very impressed with the pricing, especially considering the quality of the furniture. I didn’t notice it as much in the showroom as I was just looking for comfort and aesthetic style, but since getting it home, I’ve really noticed the quality materials and how well made the pieces are. I may not find everything I need in this store in the future but I 100% will always start here- would recommend 10 of 10.
4/14/2024 6:19:42 PM
By Janny Butler
High quality, professional service, hard working delivery team!
4/14/2024 6:05:30 PM
By Jojo Valens
Thank you David for helping me
4/14/2024 5:39:59 PM
Great service and the delivery staff is super friendly
4/14/2024 4:57:50 PM
By Susie Ebersole
Great service and delivery
4/14/2024 4:23:31 PM
By Sierra Sutton
4/14/2024 4:11:00 PM
By Nate TLC vending
4/14/2024 3:29:14 PM
By Rita Buske
Excellent service at the store. Salespersons were willing to help...but not overbearing like at other furniture stores. Our salesperson was Pamela at the Gilbert AZ location. That girl listened to our questions and answered them as she knew the products well. That led to a more efficient way of selecting our furniture, saving us time. AFW has tons of furniture to choose from. You will have a GREAT experience, as we sure did.
4/14/2024 3:24:34 PM
By Blade Walla
4/14/2024 3:09:38 PM
By Larry Waters
4/13/2024 7:50:39 PM
By D. Wild
We bought 2 different Recliners at the same time. The delivery guys were awesome. Unfortunately 1 of the recliners just didn't work out. Customer service was great and arranged for pickup and the refund came in a very timely manner. Greatly appreciated. And again thanks to the delivery/ pickup guys they were great.
4/13/2024 6:14:03 PM
By Anna Brown
Over all good experience. However I think that two of the items I bought were from the showroom, I asked if they had more in stock n salesperson said yes, but proceeded to put sold sign on the item 🤔 and the white chair looks like the one on the floor. Maybe it’s a strategy so u buy the item. I don’t mind, but not if item looks used
4/13/2024 5:42:14 PM
By Sherry Montijo
Great service prices products & delivery. Highly recommend American Furniture Warehouse!
4/13/2024 5:30:00 PM
By Susan Vikse
4/13/2024 4:54:48 PM
By chad krakauskas
4/13/2024 4:07:28 PM
By Jay Scarlett

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American Furniture Warehouse Gilbert, AZ

The Gilbert American Furniture Warehouse is the place to find the best value on furniture in the heart of Phoenix's east valley. Customers enjoy the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings and accessories at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States — not just greater Phoenix, Arizona. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. Stop by Gilbert's AFW and browse our huge selection of bedroom sets, dining room sets, sofas, home office furniture, entertainment centers and so much more. Sales staff are knowledgeable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best shopping experience in Arizona.