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Aurora, CO Showroom
1700 S. Abilene
Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 368-8555 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.
Thursday, 07/04: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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1700 S. Abilene
Aurora, CO 80012
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
6/23/2024 4:34:26 AM
By Maria Enriquez
6/5/2024 3:12:40 PM
By Dan Bell
Purchased a couch April 2024. Leg broke the next month. American Furniture Warehouse refused to take any responsibility or exchange couch because of a small amount of pet damage. Will never shop there again.
5/24/2024 7:15:23 PM
By EJ Newcomb
Abdullah was great at helping turn a stressful furniture shopping trip into a focused, easy to navigate experience. His service made a complete difference between American Furniture Warehouse and other furniture stores. If it wasn't for him I probably would not have stayed long and ended up finding exactly what was needed.
5/24/2024 12:29:30 PM
By Sean Morrissey
5/11/2024 5:06:55 AM
By Adiamond Acres
I change my mind made another selection. AFW get it together and refund my money ..
5/10/2024 3:18:54 AM
By Shawn Loyd
5/8/2024 11:28:41 PM
By ተገ ኝ ትኡመ
One of the best furniture and great service team thank you
5/7/2024 7:26:10 PM
By Aqeel Syed
Recently, I visited American Furniture Warehouse to return a plant. Upon entering, I asked an employee where I could return the product, showing him the receipt, and was directed to the pickup point in the back. However, upon arriving there, another employee informed me that returns should be made at the front. Having to drive back to the front, I brought the plant inside this time. I explained to the same person that I had been directed to return the product at the front, and he directed me to another employee named Jeni. I presented my receipt to Jeni and explained that I was there for a return. After scanning the barcode, she asked me to pay, despite my insistence that I was there for a return. When I mentioned this to her, she turned to his employee for confirmation, asking if he had seen me bring the plant inside, but he seemed unsure. After consulting with her manager and reviewing security footage, it was confirmed that I had indeed brought the plant in for return. The confusion and lack of clarity in the return process left me disappointed with the customer service experience. In addition to this plant, we had purchased almost $2500 worth of furniture from them. However, due to this incident, we won't be making any more purchases from them.
5/7/2024 12:59:16 PM
By brian rafferty
5/4/2024 6:41:56 AM
By Santa Rojas
Good great salesman
5/2/2024 4:25:32 PM
By Grace Carrillo
Everyone I ran into at the store was tremendously helpful. They did their best to work with me and bring my ideas to life. They made my purchase options as clear as possible, and everything ran smoothly. The delivery service workers were also a great deal of help, and they made me feel confident in my purchase. Nothing broken, no concerns, and no uneasiness. They greeted me, asked about the layout I had planned for my purchase, and worked efficiently while still keeping polite conversations. I am satisfied.
5/1/2024 7:20:29 PM
By Nicole S
Don't return items or you will have to deal with a terribly antiquated and rude customer service. The sales associate in the store was incredibly kind and helpful but whatever you do avoid their customer service line.
5/1/2024 3:03:46 AM
By Shane Albrandt
5/1/2024 12:29:04 AM
By Caitlin Mumma
4/29/2024 4:55:56 PM
By Slim Goodi
4/26/2024 5:36:41 AM
By Ali Reza
Horrible! Try to avoid this company.
4/24/2024 5:30:03 AM
By Roman R
4/21/2024 10:18:39 PM
By Anne Yoder
4/19/2024 1:19:24 AM
By saroya bryson
4/16/2024 2:43:42 AM
By Waqas ur Rehman
So much variety. Wonderful experience. Bought a sectional and a dinner table set. Very happy with the quality and service.
4/15/2024 11:53:06 PM
By April Michelle Barrett
Had to return a lamp that stopped working. I tried to just have the piece of the lamp that broke, replaced. We couldn’t because the lamp was no longer available. Per customer service, they told us to return to the store and do an exchange. We went to the store, and the greeter of the store was absolutely rude on more than one occasion. She was appalled that we would bring back a broken lamp through the front door. Apparently we were supposed to return to the warehouse in the back of the store. No one ever indicated that. I decided to take the lamp to the back and give my dad time walking the showroom looking for the replacement. She proceeds to get rude a few more times with my dad. I get back in the store, find the one we want and ask for help. The salesman directed us to the front of the store. We go to the front to be told to find “someone in red”. My point is, the lack of communication, help, combined with the rude attitude of a store greeter did not sit well. Thousands of dollars spent to be treated like we were a problem. Absolutely will rate this a 2/10.
4/12/2024 4:02:47 PM
By Jennifer Rodriguez (Phoenix)
Got a great new sofa and they really helped us out with the selection. Ask for Osar he is the best sales guy!!
4/9/2024 5:16:51 PM
By Sidney Farrell
Me and my wife went on the hunt for a furniture accessory and found exactly what we were looking for from a large selection
4/6/2024 3:51:20 PM
By Basement Cat
3/27/2024 6:25:19 PM
By Ella Plante
Nice recliners!
3/27/2024 3:15:44 PM
By Anthony Pierson
Great furniture, great prices, easy delivery, they set up everything for you! I bought a couch and a shelf and they are beautiful pieces! So awesome I love AFW!
3/24/2024 3:43:32 AM
By Dr. David Johnson PhD
3/22/2024 10:25:31 PM
By Nila Sheldon
I finally found the furniture that I needed and also the perfect mattress
3/18/2024 7:38:45 PM
By DL Dykman
From the moment we entered the store, purchased our new couch and recliner and then with delivery, we are so pleased with the entire experience.
3/14/2024 11:14:03 PM
By Daniel Cook
3/14/2024 1:37:45 AM
By Alexmath Math
3/12/2024 8:03:05 AM
By Anita biriya
3/11/2024 6:20:50 AM
By C Johs
3/9/2024 2:52:03 AM
By Samantha M
Love my furniture but no one even stopped and helped me on the floor. So the service was lacking.
3/3/2024 8:30:16 AM
By Jeffrey Mosser
The staff is friendly and very helpful. Kelead knew exactly what I was looking for and was glad to show us around. We were in and out in no time. Thank you for your great customer service, Kelead.
2/21/2024 5:38:31 PM
By edwardo deanda
2/20/2024 7:22:11 PM
By Susan Baldwin
I found the sofa I was looking for, but it was too deep
4/17/2023 8:44:41 PM
By A Dembele
The bed is trash customer service even worst. I purchased the North Shore King Sleigh Bed about 4 months ago the paint started to peeling off the footboard. I reached out to customer service, they put the blame on me and refused to do the repair. they were more interested to charge me $300 to do the repair. Save your money and spend where they appreciate you more. Worst retail business to deal with.
2/19/2024 12:02:05 AM
By Cait C
Excellent UNLESS you have an issue. We ordered a two couches and an ottoman (we’ve also shopped with them on other occasions) and the ottoman came broken. And we realized how cheaply made it was, so we politely let customer service know that it came damaged and we no longer wanted it. What a nightmare. Their customer service is incredibly rude. What a shame. We were furnishing our entire home with AFW - we’re going to stop here at 2 couches and the ottoman. Not worth the risk of damaged product and then fighting to replace it.
2/18/2024 11:09:07 PM
By Bashir Elbousefi
I recently had an unfortunate experience with American Furniture when I decided to return a chair I had purchased. Despite returning the item well within the 30-day return window, the process was far from smooth or customer-friendly. Firstly, I was taken aback by the unexpected 15% restocking fee that was deducted from my refund. This charge was not clearly communicated at the time of purchase, which I believe is an unfair practice and not in line with transparent customer service. Moreover, the behavior of the staff member handling my return was disappointing. The individual was discourteous and seemed uninterested in assisting me or addressing my concerns. This kind of interaction is not something I would expect from a reputable company and certainly not something that encourages repeat business. Overall, my experience was marked by hidden charges and poor customer service, making it unlikely that I will shop with American Furniture again. I hope this feedback prompts a reassessment of your return policies and staff training to improve future customer interactions.
2/14/2024 4:07:15 PM
By Hadi Dawi
2/11/2024 11:15:48 PM
By Kathy Brown
Great Value!!! Awesome furniture with styles fitting any room.
2/10/2024 10:01:54 PM
By Jo Ann McClure
2/10/2024 4:20:39 AM
By Qais Safi.monawarzada
2/6/2024 12:29:45 AM
By V V
2/3/2024 7:13:36 PM
By J. Louise McCarthy
I have NEVER had a worse experience trying to buy furniture! Although the sales staff was nice - but did fail to ask necessary questions about delivery after I informed her that the product would need to be delivered via an elevator- the customer service, delivery, and quality of the product were so poor that i would give ZERO stars if that was an option! I purchased an end table that i took home that day, and had a matching coffee table and a sleeper sofa due for delivery at the end of the week. Strike one: the directions for assembly of the coffee table were TERRIBLE. They were so bad that i went to the store the day before the delivery was due to cancel the coffee table (also a “customer must assemble” project). I was informed that the store could not help me with this; i needed to call customer service. A wasted trip - in Denver traffic! I was told the coffee table had already been loaded on the delivery truck, but they “generously” (their view, not mine!) would not charge me the 15% restock fee because the coffee table was still in its box. Strike two: I received a text saying that the sofa would be delivered the next day, in a 2.5 hour window. I waited patiently throughout the window, and called afterwards to find out when the sofa would be delivered. I was informed that there had been a “miscommunication” somewhere between Customer Service (who canceled the coffee table) and delivery (who apparently assumed that it was the ENTIRE order that had been cancelled). I asked them to bring me the sofa at the end of the day, and was disgusted to hear that the sofa had been REMOVED from the truck (after i had been told the coffee table could not be cancelled immediately because it was already on the truck). I was informed that I could get the sofa the next day - but they refused to provide a delivery window- IF it fit in the elevator. THAT issue should have been mentioned when i purchased the sofa and provided DETAILED instructions about delivery. Strike three: i made ANOTHER trip to the store to measure the sofa and decide if i was willing to put up with another wasted day for a possibly failed delivery attempt. It turned out that the “queen size” mattress was listed as 72” - when a TRUE queen size is 80” long - and the mattress measured only 69”! THAT would not be acceptable for my 6-foot tall visitors! Disgusted with the poor customer service, horrible assembly instructions (for the end table ), and inaccurate and misleading dimension information on the mattress, I cancelled the ENTIRE order. Strike FOUR: THEN they woke me up on the morning of the “we won’t give you a window for delivery other than ‘Saturday’ “ day - to discuss when the sofa would be delivered! NOBODY deserves FOUR strikes! Do NOT attempt to do business with this organization! You will be TERRIBLY disappointed! Strike three:
2/3/2024 6:27:55 PM
By Niema
This has nothing to do with the store itself in terms of merchandise but in regard to hiring and understanding of predicaments that happen I would have to rate this place to zero but there's no option The hiring manager Jim is a gentleman I really enjoyed speaking with them and he's a great guy unfortunately two days in a row I had an issue that was out of my control One my cat bit my 2-year-old son in the face and his cheek I had to go to the emergency room in which I have documentation and paperwork that I offer to give to him he said it's okay look at the weather today snowstorm got into an accident give him a call after we call the police and he told me that I no longer have the job If you can't understand these vital points how do you care about your employees
1/23/2024 3:11:39 PM
By Robert Helmig
1/21/2024 1:27:13 AM
By Nicholas Burke
I ordered a sofa chair, but upon delivery, it was deemed too large for the intended room. Instead, I had it placed in the adjacent room and after AFW left, I move it with a dolly into the desired room with no issues. Unfortunately, during the delivery team's attempt to take the chair upstairs, they ended up damaging the ceiling. We notified AFW of the poor experience and the damage and two weeks later they said they were still reviewing. We will likely dispute the deliver charges to cover the wall damages and won’t ever go back.
1/18/2024 11:19:51 PM
By Brad Ward
2 broken recliners, 1 busted frame, the other non working and not assembled correctly. 4+ hours of driving to warehouses, 0 customer service. Crap furniture. RESPONSE-Actually your customer service just hung up on me, twice. Never offered me anything.
1/13/2024 10:23:12 PM
By Amanda Melnyk
They have the best items! Love my new couch!
1/10/2024 9:15:30 PM
By Janet Williams
Got a super relaxing rocker recliner Excellent customer service from walk in to truck for delivery
1/3/2024 5:58:48 PM
By Tom Leiper
Lots of inventory, very friendly sales associates available to help.
1/3/2024 9:51:11 AM
By Maya Ortega (ThatsSoMaya47)
This is just a heads up for anyone buying a futon, DONT. I know they seem cool but futons don’t really last that long. Like I got one for my room bc I thought it would be cool but my futon didn’t last for 2 years. When I paid for them to come set it up in my house they were very rude to my grandma when she asked if they could push it over too the corner of the room but they said “ no we don’t do that” like really? Can’t help out an old lady who just wants you to push it a few feet away against the corner? And a month after I got the futon one of the legs fell off bc it wasn’t screwed in right!! So I’m just a little disappointed at the futon Quality and the guys who set it up. And more about the futon, if you are a big person like me tbh… it isn’t gonna last for you. My bed is now being held up by bricks and is caved in the middle so I had to put pillows and more futon mattress over to just even put the bed and to be able to be laid on, i definitely know now to just buy a real bed instead of a futon.
1/1/2024 9:00:55 PM
By Stephanie Webber
1/1/2024 5:43:07 PM
By Kate Mina
I recently bought a new bed frame, box spring and mattress and had a great experience. I was especially impressed by the prompt delivery service - the men who brought my new items were very respectful and quick, and they set everything up just the way I wanted it. I’d definitely shop at this location again!
12/30/2023 7:05:45 PM
Good service
12/23/2023 10:21:13 PM
By Malculm Wheeler
12/22/2023 8:16:29 PM
By Mark McMinamen
Great service.
12/22/2023 2:53:16 AM
By Elizabeth Chavez
I’ve had not so good experiences in the past today Elba Lopez changed that for me she helped me with a smile on my face I came in exhausted to buy a new bed for my son for Christmas at 7:30pm (12/21/23) and when I left her she had me energized with her bubbly personality thank you for a wonderful experience.
12/15/2023 11:29:58 AM
By Aafks Sharaf
12/12/2023 5:53:09 PM
By Kornny Smith
12/7/2023 5:28:23 PM
By Steph B
12/3/2023 6:24:14 PM
By Delyce Collins
The floor salesman, Steve, was attentive and patient. He took measurements and talked through our entire brainstorm on design, fit and placement of furniture. The purchase was followed up by a professional and friendly delivery that arrived on time and was set up by the AFW team. Convenient and good customer service!
12/2/2023 4:03:46 PM
By Harold Lewis
And plus a professional at their job their assisted you and load and unload your your merchandise really helpful
11/27/2023 1:35:14 AM
By Jim Kenley
American Furniture Warehouse has a large selection of beds at great prices. The salesman who helped us was fantastic and the delivery process was easy.
11/24/2023 11:51:42 PM
By Jenniffer Ortiz
11/24/2023 2:36:26 AM
By Michelle Shine
Always love their selection and affordable prices!
11/14/2023 3:55:39 AM
By Sheryl Childs
11/14/2023 12:14:16 AM
By sandra.s. “Sandra”
Item arrived damaged. Delivery driver took me out to the truck to show me the damage and said that if I accepted the delivery, I would receive a discount. I was puzzled as to why the damaged was not noticed before the delivery. Delivery driver then delivered the item, assembled it and showed me even more damage and then told me that they were missing a piece to put everything together! Long story short, not only did I not receive a discount, but I can't even use the furniture! I then called customer service and they're sending over a repair person to fix the furniture but can't give me a time or date. 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽 If I don't get this resolved this week, I will file a chargeback.
11/12/2023 9:27:13 PM
By Karen Redding
Rude staff at Aurora location.
11/6/2023 9:37:09 PM
By Cassandra Camack
I swear we ordered a damn couch and coffee table from American furniture for November 3rd had to reschedule cause their system crashed which is understandable but then these idiots tell us they will make sure they get to us before 4pm today (which was our rescheduled delivery date) as we live on a military base then to find out that we won't get our order until after 4pm and that there's no guarantee that they will get to us yet we had a note put in about living on base so what a waste to just have that there but not only that but then we find out we could have paid for time delivery Like make it make sense cause this is a real big inconvenience and disappointing.
11/5/2023 11:08:35 PM
By Bereket megiso
11/4/2023 4:15:30 AM
By Zachary Berk
I don't think you will find better deals than here
11/2/2023 5:16:43 PM
By Alexandra Collazo
Poco empleados
10/31/2023 2:48:14 PM
By Sandy Brown
Cool stuff.
10/31/2023 8:45:31 AM
By Jerry Otte
Nice store staff was friendly and they kept asking if we needed any help finding something. But we wanted to get these 2 stools but they were the floor models lol. We would have to go to another location to get them. But overall good store
10/27/2023 10:31:47 PM
By Gary Smith
I would love to send you photos but it won't take it The people at Aurora store were very helpful it all went downhill when the delivery people came and brought me used furniture and lied about it and said it was brand new out of a box I'm very very disappointed never shop at American warehouse again tell Jake I said hi
10/26/2023 1:18:33 AM
By Dean Weaver
Good price, good service.
10/20/2023 8:13:41 AM
By Dan and Debbie Y
Always a very frienplace to shop.
10/12/2023 1:54:53 PM
By Joel Lahey
Purchased 2 chairs. Pricing like amazon, but if an issue dont have to deal with sending/waiting. Lots of options!
2/13/2022 6:46:45 PM
By remzije vrenezi
Just recently moved here to colorado and was recommended this store. I was very very impressed.I ended up buying a sectional with Robertoooos awesome assistance Will be back here to fill up my hom with this great furniture 1
1/31/2020 5:15:13 AM
By Sofia Halpin
6/29/2019 10:35:26 PM
By Gabriela Mishell Soto Estrada
Excellent service and excellent price! 😊
7/8/2017 12:01:41 AM
By Laura Walker
We had a wonderful experience. Prices were great based on the high quality of the furniture. Ahsan helped us pick out a new bed and mattress and he was great - very charismatic and he knew what to recommend based on our requirements. I will definitely go here again in the future.
2/19/2021 9:40:44 AM
By Leticia Green
1/5/2022 3:59:01 AM
By Eldon Dahlin
Easy quick and reasonably priced. Hard to beat it.
7/15/2020 4:44:50 PM
By Renn303
Your driver's act like children! Teach them some respect!
1/25/2018 6:24:09 AM
By Cornelius Jenkins
7/23/2019 11:41:03 AM
By Jesse
Got a couple nice rugs from here. Price was more then I wanted to pay bit was able to have them same day. Selection is ok found one rug i absolutely love but was difficult to find a second one. Staff was courteous when entering the building. Store seems a little unorganized as you walk through would like to see better separation of different items.
6/7/2019 1:06:57 AM
By Ronald Rutt Jr
8/8/2021 10:05:39 PM
By Jaime Aguirre
Finally a furniture store in Aurora that has no issues delivering to a military base. Apparently that’s something Home Depot and Wayfair can’t seem to figure out. I just moved to the area and my wife told me about this place so we went in and purchased a couch and they delivered it within days. Definitely recommend this place to anyone that moves into town.
2/9/2020 5:40:53 PM
By Country Girl
Great prices
8/25/2018 9:41:00 PM
By Leslie W. Young
Always friendly staff and great prices.
4/23/2023 3:35:20 AM
By Panemon UO
Me and the wife picked up a big leather Sofa from these people that cost over $1,000.00 and we have not even had this furniture for a MONTH and the electric recliner function broke almost immediately.
4/18/2018 2:56:17 AM
By sam Nieves
4/20/2019 12:57:38 AM
By Susan Hel ms
2/13/2018 8:43:43 PM
By carl carter
Great service
5/6/2018 2:37:21 AM
By kenneth subala
It's a whole lot nicer in the inside.
4/3/2019 2:48:29 PM
By Armon-Rah Smith
Great furniture

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