Englewood, CO

Englewood, CO

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Englewood, CO
8820 American Way
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 799-9044 Get Directions

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  • Monday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Friday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Pickup hours start at 10 AM.

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8820 American Way
Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 799-9044 See Store Details


1700 S. Abilene
Aurora, CO 80012
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5390 South Wadsworth Blvd
Lakewood, CO 80123
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
2/26/2024 6:27:18 AM
By Aman Rajaby
2/25/2024 9:53:42 PM
By Alex O'Brien
5/2/2023 12:20:56 AM
By Dawn Costa
2/25/2024 8:16:34 PM
By Amy
Back order arrived as predicted. I had it scheduled for delivery within a couple days. They told me the estimated delivery window the night before, texted when they were 10 minutes away, and it was in our house, ready to go, within 20 minutes of that text. Very happy with the service and the furniture itself!!!
2/25/2024 1:23:33 AM
By Marion Garrard
Found the perfect piece. Delivery and set up was quick and efficient. Thank you, AFW!
2/24/2024 5:46:52 PM
By Rebecca Ashcraft
We have purchased several items from American and the delivery and sales people were great!
2/24/2024 4:11:45 PM
By Peter James
2/24/2024 3:08:18 PM
By Ms Likely
2/23/2024 8:47:52 PM
By Brian Gutierrez
Great service was great, from sales to the people on the phone and the delivery people! They were all awesome.
2/23/2024 5:12:05 PM
By James Cole
2/23/2024 3:04:40 PM
By Aaron Lee
2/22/2024 9:46:42 PM
By Anthony Paolillo
Dude if you need anything just go to the american furniture warehouse on American Way. I'd say ask for John because he was great. But everybody there is great so ask for anyone and they will all help. Plus the upstairs is an amazing array of everything that is awesome.
2/22/2024 8:57:01 PM
By Richard Brest
2/22/2024 8:42:51 PM
By Ginger Cohrs
2/22/2024 8:46:51 PM
By timothy spaulding
We purchased a very nice new arrival AFW Italian leather couch : purchased Tuesday night, delivered Thursday day … took 5 mins to take upstairs and set it up. The quality is really nice.
2/22/2024 5:45:47 PM
By Christine Martinez
I was amazed at how efficient the delivery guys were. They sent me a text that they had 3 deliveries before mine and they showed up 10 minutes later. 😊
2/22/2024 5:03:53 PM
By T Shewmaker
I was impressed with the helpfulness, knowledge & efficiency of my salesperson John. The delivery staff were prompt and very courteous & helpful. Overall I had a very pleasant experience!
2/22/2024 7:14:24 AM
By Dan Yeckley
Beautiful store with.lots of space. A++
2/22/2024 1:47:55 AM
By Rebecca Hickman
We bought a couch and a loveseat, like we did four years ago from AFW Always good furniture for us looks nice modern and the gentleman who delivered it were professional, courteous
2/21/2024 9:03:50 PM
By Ron Bower
2/21/2024 8:03:47 PM
By Garry Thompson
Great company to do business with, great savings, delivery 🚚 service was top notch. Would recommend American furniture warehouse for all future needs!
2/21/2024 7:49:37 PM
By Samantha Pryor
2/21/2024 6:47:27 PM
By Kiera Bowler
2/21/2024 6:16:00 PM
By Dan and Debbie Y
AFW was clean. Sales personnel were friendly and not clingy or pushy. Always ready to help. Just about perfect timing.
2/21/2024 4:25:12 AM
By M K
2/21/2024 1:44:29 AM
By Amelia Giordano
Can’t complain about AFW! I don’t know how they stay in business. Affordable prices, excellent customer service and top tier delivery at a low cost. Each purchase has inspired me to make another — great company.
2/21/2024 1:02:04 AM
By Andrew Kelling
2/20/2024 7:28:54 PM
By Edward Williamson
2/20/2024 4:53:35 PM
By Kevin Darling
I spent a few thousand dollars here in the second half of 2023 on a dinning set and sofa, and the overall quality is poor. It has now been about 7 months after the purchase and I’ve had to file multiple warranty claims. The warranty offered is completely useless (and subjective), and AFW will still charge you to fix the issue. I am posting my review here on google because I have tried to post my review on the AFW website many times now, but my review just awaits representative approval. This suggests that all reviews on the AFW are filtered - Buyer beware. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would gladly pay double somewhere else to have something that will last more than a year. Update in response to AFW response: There is a third claim I could file, but after the last experience, it would be a waste of time for all parties. Your technician came and left within 5 mins, claiming the damage was caused by the customer. I dispute that claim, but there is nothing the customer can do about it, right? So again, the warranty offered is useless and subjective. Time and money is better spent elsewhere.
2/19/2024 6:50:47 PM
By Alex Young
2/19/2024 5:05:39 PM
By Faith Atkins
We have been shopping at AFW for over 20 years. We keep going back because we know we will find what we need at an affordable price. Well still a very satisfied customer and the sales team is amazing!!
2/19/2024 3:07:29 PM
By Jennifer Barclay
We found exactly what we were looking for at a good price- the staff was helpful and friendly and the delivery was equally as great.
2/18/2024 6:29:18 PM
By Diane Shepard
Great communication, fast delivery!
2/18/2024 4:24:07 PM
By R K
Great service and great prices. We had been shopping for a new mattress set for awhile, going to all the usual places that had extremely high prices, but at AFW we were able to get the same new mattress set, plus a bedroom set and two new leather sofas for our family room for the same price as just a mattress set at other places. Highly recommended!!
2/17/2024 4:11:50 PM
By bigorygunman
Outstanding service from start to finish.
2/16/2024 9:45:50 PM
By Bud Bagdon
I have purchased other items over the years at AFW and have never had a problem.
2/16/2024 8:47:48 PM
By Raina Paisley
2/16/2024 8:54:31 PM
By Robert English
Excellent sales person and delivery team. Top notch!
2/16/2024 6:36:52 PM
By Beth Gordon
2/16/2024 3:06:13 PM
By Nancy Vellinga
2/16/2024 3:08:25 PM
By Katie Huber
Always excellent service .
2/16/2024 2:53:54 AM
By Julie Verdicchio
2/15/2024 8:09:51 PM
By Star Master
2/15/2024 8:09:53 PM
By Barbara Ochs
We have purchased from American furniture for forty years. Entertainment center, sofas, recliners, accessories, rustic cabinets, dining room furniture, bedding. Best selection in town. Courteous delivery persons.
2/15/2024 12:04:32 PM
By nadir musa
2/15/2024 2:01:20 AM
By Duncan Shields
Really well done. From the showroom through the delivery, AFW delivered value. The sales personnel and delivery team were excellent. On time, respectful, and quick.
2/15/2024 2:05:56 AM
Best price to quality ratio by far and the quality of service from the staff in above average
2/14/2024 7:38:30 PM
By Wicked Red
Great prices, movers were kind, fast, respectful and efficient. Wonderful service all around!
2/14/2024 8:06:12 PM
By Neil Bernstein
12/1/2022 6:00:17 PM
By Ingrid Cleveland
Bought a recliner online picked up at the store it was in a box came home took it out of the box notice it had a defect on the side of recliner the leather was coming apart it had been over worked and stretched called customer service told me I did it are you kidding me the best they could do was put silicone on it no exchange make sure you record opening the box at the store check your items or they will scam you the younger generation knows something record everything
2/13/2024 9:11:03 PM
By Dominic Duran
2/13/2024 6:50:59 PM
By Chet Lewis
2/13/2024 4:55:36 PM
By Anthony Banno
Everyone was very polite! Michael my salesperson and Casey who helped me check out were great guys.
2/13/2024 4:10:56 PM
By Ambie P
All employees were extremely knowledgeable. Great all around experience!
2/12/2024 10:11:21 PM
By Jess_amaris
2/12/2024 7:15:20 PM
By Ashwin A
2/12/2024 6:12:47 PM
By Harold Dorsey
2/12/2024 3:48:47 PM
By Lejla Lisica
2/12/2024 3:31:03 PM
By Sheryl Williams
Always great, quality furniture Love AFW!
2/12/2024 2:46:14 PM
By Mic Habinck
2/12/2024 3:23:26 AM
By Anthony Casaus
Their website showed a desk was in stock. Drove 20 miles. When I arrived was told it was out of stock. Total waste of gas & time. 👎👎
2/11/2024 10:59:20 PM
By Chris T.
Great value on furniture. Delivery service was top notch with friendly workers.
2/11/2024 5:59:19 PM
By Purna Raut
Reliable & great service
2/11/2024 4:03:28 PM
By Ivanka C
This is a new sectional, so this part has to be exchanged.
2/10/2024 8:50:22 PM
By James Welsh
2/10/2024 7:04:04 PM
By Google Account
2/10/2024 6:29:22 PM
By Olga Bereza
A large selection of furniture for different tastes at prices, kind, non-obtrusive consultants. I am satisfied with my choice of sofa (loveseat) Delivery was on time, neat and fast. thank you very much :)
2/10/2024 5:44:20 AM
By Lori Tagawa
2/9/2024 5:09:46 PM
By Abbe Holle
Great customer service!!
2/8/2024 4:57:09 PM
By Tim Clark
2/8/2024 2:49:45 PM
By Bernard Lau
Great experience at the store, very impressed with the large selections and great service both in the store and the delivery.
2/8/2024 4:20:37 AM
By Ryan Phifer
2/8/2024 12:06:37 AM
By Kathryn E. Bilyeu
Good googely moogley that thang is juicy 🤣
2/7/2024 9:33:18 PM
By Cyndy Schlaepfer-Youker
Excellent service and delivery. Good furniture, good price point.
2/7/2024 3:51:56 PM
By Kaulen Fuhs
2/7/2024 3:55:26 PM
By Nancy Belme
Delivery was very efficient and well-mannered gentlemen.
2/6/2024 9:54:13 PM
By Cheryl Imperato
2/6/2024 8:57:44 PM
By JJeff Shaffer
2/6/2024 7:41:29 PM
By Ellen Mercure
2/6/2024 7:32:25 PM
By Dylan Lewis
The best place for furniture in Denver Metro. We went to the location in Englewood. Highly recommend Sena! She was very professional and made the experience of shopping for new furniture easy and enjoyable. She took us all around the store to look at multiple items of furniture and even added a last minute piece for us days after our purchase. Can't say enough about this place!
2/6/2024 7:11:36 PM
By Nicky Rippy
2/6/2024 5:24:17 PM
By Anthony Holguin
We had or new bed delivered and the service was great. Especially appreciate the phone call to keep me updated on the progress of the delivery.
2/6/2024 4:53:46 PM
By Liesl Thibeault
Timely professional delivery and excellent value for our new pieces! Delivery driver Angel and partner were extraordinary ✨️ called ahead of time and arrived as promised. Quick to unload and place ur new pieces, and very friendly and efficient!
2/6/2024 4:38:26 PM
By Julio Montenegro
Service was excellent from the sales person to the delivery and the furniture is beautiful thanks.
2/6/2024 3:49:35 PM
By Blaise Vigil
Delivery Team were absolutely awesome! Respectful of property and very polite and professional.
2/6/2024 3:35:00 PM
By Lori Honnen
2/5/2024 11:08:16 PM
By Angie Jackson
Great selection. Great prices. Quick delivery! Great place to purchase furniture.
2/5/2024 7:51:39 AM
By Melissa Clark
Great prices and everyone is very helpful. Not pushy and they let you look and is a relaxing no pressure place to shop.
2/4/2024 11:27:02 PM
By Spencer Musgrove
Just purchased this ottoman. Opened the box to this. Called custom service and their reply was I could load it back up and deliver back to store on my own time and dollar. No other options. Would only deliver a new ottoman to me if I paid $79 for delivery. Bad customer service.
2/4/2024 7:27:02 PM
By Charlie Moore
2/3/2024 9:54:54 PM
By Joella Johnson
2/3/2024 6:08:40 PM
By Yan Rotenbakh
2/2/2024 8:46:48 PM
By Zach Scott
2/2/2024 5:10:20 PM
By Kara Mckiernan
I ordered the same couch from Coleman Furniture because AFW was temporarily out of stock and I was impatient. HUGE mistake. Couch was delivered with significant damage to all of the pieces. The “exchange” policy was a full blown nightmare. I decided to refund and go to AFW. The experience could not have been more lovely. I purchased on a Wednesday, delivery (very reasonable $100) was on Friday and everyone that interacted with was so kind and personable. Never, ever, order from Coleman Furniture and I highly recommend AFW. For their personal care, genuinely, and the seamless system that they down!
2/2/2024 3:28:38 PM
By Stephanie Hernandez
Best place in Colorado wide for your furniture needs. Additionally you can’t beat the delivery price and already build convince. I will for ever order in American Furniture Wearhouse before I go anywhere else!
2/1/2024 11:06:48 PM
By Conner Donnelly
2/1/2024 7:26:32 PM
By 12mrmattie
2/1/2024 6:28:01 PM
By Julia Hoffman
Very helpful and delivery was awesome!
2/1/2024 4:00:22 AM
By Jami Vialpando
2/1/2024 2:51:23 AM
By Matthew Transue
Great inventory and staff at this location. They do tend to get super busy on the evenings and weekends, so bring your patience. On the plus side, the staff are very friendly and helpful, and they take great care helping you load up at the end.

About This Store

American Furniture Warehouse Englewood, CO

The American Furniture Warehouse megastore in the South Denver area is your destination for the largest selection of furniture in the Denver Metro area and the state of Colorado. Stop by the Englewood American Furniture Warehouse and browse our huge selection of sectionals, sofas and couches, mattresses, Bedroom furniture, Dining Room furniture, Sofas, Home Office Furniture, Entertainment Centers and so much moreShop the largest selection of quality, stylish home furnishings from brands like Ashley Furniture, Jackson Catnapper, Simmons Beautyrest, and other great brands at the lowest prices anywhere, anytime. What's more, AFW is known to have the largest selection of furniture under one roof in the United States - not just Colorado. American Furniture Warehouse keeps costs low, so customers enjoy not only unmatched quality, but also unbeatable savings on brand-name furniture. . Sales staff are knowledgable and can accommodate for our Spanish speaking customers. We are proud to offer the best furniture shopping experience in Colorado.