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Pueblo, CO Showroom

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4711 Dillon Drive
Pueblo, CO 81008
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Pueblo, CO Showroom

American Furniture Warehouse Pueblo, CO

Pueblo's American Furniture Warehouse has quick and easy freeway access off of I-25 and Eagleridge. We are situated within walking distance to numerous hotels and the best restaurants Pueblo has to offer. Our huge showroom provides the largest selection at the best prices. We offer first class delivery seven days a week to all of Pueblo. We also stock most mattress sets for immediate pick-up and have a rental truck on site for a small fee. There is currently a bilingual salesperson on staff for our Spanish speaking customers. The Pueblo AFW prides itself on the most pleasant and honest shopping experience anywhere in Southern Colorado.

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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
7/20/2024 1:50:34 AM
By Ashley Gregory
Great selection and deals! Tim was super helpful and gave us room to decide. He really came through on the whole purchasing process. Definitely recommend!
7/18/2024 1:10:00 AM
By Todd
Taylor...Top notch customer service. Thank you Taylor!
7/16/2024 9:51:34 PM
By Robert Booth
Customer service is an absolute joke here!
7/6/2024 9:41:33 PM
By Desiree Quintana
customer service is kinda lacking here. the products sold here are a hit or miss. I've bought some living room, dining and bedroom furniture from AFW. some pieces are great but others have only lasted a couple years.
7/1/2024 3:50:42 PM
By JK Inc
So we are in the process of closing and buying another home. Wife is set on getting new furnishings, bedroom sets, kitchen sets, office sets, etc. Came here as she had an entire cart already built. So first off we walked right past 3 employees in the front, not even an acknowledgment. OK fine, glad theirs not 10 sales people bombarding me, but no acknowledgment at all? After about 30 min one guy finally did ask if we were alright but...that was after walking past them 2 separate times and him staring at my family like some "tuff" guy stares at people on the streets. The entire experience was laughably bad, the staff is laughably horrible, not one of them displayed any type of customer service. I observed multiple employees standing around chatting with each other but didn't even acknowledge customers as they walked by. Maybe even just a smile and head nod may have prevented this review. I lost my battle with the wife about the large furniture purchases but even she agrees we won't be doing it here.
6/29/2024 11:09:07 PM
By Dontarguewithmedummy
Some clown who is a supposed manager treat me like a piece of garbage. He is either insane or just plain stupid. Needs to be fired immediately. Lucky he didn't get a black eye.
6/20/2024 4:06:04 PM
By Andrue Valdez
Don was a great salesperson both on the phone and in person! Eazy-pezy sale and delivery was spot on! They were even early to boot! Great place to buy home funishings... will be a repeat customer in the future! 😁👍
6/13/2024 6:34:26 PM
By Caleb Hillhouse
Everyone was helpful, but the sales associate who took my order put in the wrong information and I didn't get the correct color furniture. I don't want to send it back because I have no idea how long it would take to get my order correct. The first photo is what was on the showroom floor, the second is what was delivered.
6/10/2024 6:52:27 PM
By Eva Arnim
When we were walking around and my husband using scooter we were asked by Daniel if we needed help. He was concerned at my husband's needs. We ended up getting a lift char and two other chairs for the comfort of my husband. I thank him so much for the help.
6/6/2024 2:30:02 AM
By Yvonne Vigil
6/4/2024 9:07:04 PM
By Gerda Mondragon
Purchased a remote controlled recliner on December 8th, and the remote is not working Employees not helpful and very rude. Finally went online and ordered a replacement for $75. Be careful what you purchase from this place as they will tell you that you have a warranty, but they will not help you if it's needed. Poor customer service
5/31/2024 9:15:58 PM
By Laura Hillstad
Our repairman was efficient quick and very pleasant. He is a true asset to the AFW family.
5/22/2024 2:58:46 PM
By Avatar Productions
For years I've love going here. To shop and find great deals. And better furniture Unfortunately this last week. Was here shoping for family And not only did I get lack luster service that I had to ask for. Cause no one came to help after waiting in store almost an hour But then had to wait 3 separate days to get delivered items for pickup That were all supposed to be there the 1st day. From the order of a week before Then the loading crew were rude. And unhelpful It's just sad the decline in and what was one of my favorite places to go...
5/21/2024 10:37:24 PM
By Cheryl Marvin
So we just came to American furniture Warehouse to exchange a defective chair for a replacement. We were told to come on in and pick it up. When we came to the pickup window they asked for a ticket which we were not told to bring with us. And then we were told to go to the front of the store to get a ticket printed. Three employees standing there doing nothing and none of them would go to the front of the store and get the ticket. They just didn't care. After talking to the lady at the front of the store we found out that they could look it up in the warehouse. The whole point of coming to American furniture Warehouse to return the chair was to save them the trip, after all it was a defective item. The message we received said to bringing your ID and the chair , didn't mention a ticket. Unfortunately they have defective employees too.
5/10/2024 7:02:10 PM
By Preston McGovern (Val)
They just delivered and installed our bed! Great store, very friendly staff, and the delivery team is A++++++! Definitely recommend if you're looking for good quality home furniture.
5/7/2024 6:32:05 PM
By Tiffany Chavez
I love this place! Their always happy to Help in any way possible. They’re patient and kind. Oh and to add the delivery guys were amazing they built everything and took the trash! Very nice people!! I will always recommend this place! Thanks guys!!
5/5/2024 8:22:04 PM
By Christine
5/5/2024 12:46:36 AM
By Lenora Woodall
One of the many pieces I have recently purchased here in Pueblo was the Arona Armoire. I don’t get me wrong, I LOVE AFW, love Shana, love the prices on & on. So I almost feel guilty saying the following: I was disappointed in the painted finish of Arona. Online it appears to have a two tone finish which I loved! But it came completely painted in turquoise. Not as much interest as the photo shows. So… just 4 stars this time. Also, when it was set in place the back right foot was bent & it rocks audibly when walking past it. BUT the storage room is amazing!!
5/4/2024 5:22:11 PM
By Raina Montoya
I haven't received my items yet, but was called and told someone would be reaching out to schedule my delivery. Instead I get a text message with a time frame and when I called to tell them that would not work for me they stated the delivery times are non negotiable. So you pay almost $100 for my items to be delivered and I cannot even pick my own delivery time. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. Not very happy right now
4/30/2024 7:44:50 PM
By Lisa Copley
This AFW isn't the most customer friendly I've ever been in. I passed a few employees without even a "hello" from someone. I ended up finding someone to help me. I searched the showroom alone before seeking out help.
4/25/2024 6:42:46 PM
By Silas Glacken
In between Good and Horrible Customer service. When we purchased our entertainment center our sales woman was very helpful, helped us pick out the right one. A week before we purchased couches and we were barely helped, given a date of arrival, there has been 0 follow up since then. It’s been almost a month, so when I went to go pick it up on the date I was told, I was then told it’s going to be another 2-3 weeks….
4/21/2024 10:13:11 PM
By Candace Clark
4/16/2024 5:27:37 PM
By Carol Smith
We have purchased many items over the years.
4/13/2024 2:24:32 AM
By Claire Chadwell-Bell
WORST customer service ever. Waited 3 weeks for recliner to ship from Phoenix, was delivered with headrest not functioning, told that parts would arrive 3-5 days and for me to call local store to schedule repair on brand new chair when parts arrived. One part arrived on day 7. Today is day 10 and I was just told by local store that parts are on a truck coming from Denver (125 miles away) and should be here “next few days” and “sometime next week “ . NEVER again American Warehouse morons.
4/9/2024 3:39:36 AM
By Lee Roman
The delivery guys weren’t here for more than 15 minutes and were not even willing to try to get the couch up 6 steps to our living room. They said they can take the couch back because it wasn’t going to fit. I told them to leave it and put the rest of the couch on the side walk, because we have been waiting for this couch for a month already. I was okay with them leaving it on the sidewalk but I could tell they were in a rush and maybe that’s why they didn’t want to take an extra 15 minutes to figure out how to get the couch up and into our living room. After they left me and my girlfriend messed around with it for about ten minutes and had the first half of the couch up with no problem, and the second half up in five. Nice couch though.
4/6/2024 11:32:41 PM
By Richard Torres
Needed office chair and they had the one I wanted
4/5/2024 3:39:36 PM
By Shanice Gomez
4/3/2024 8:15:00 PM
By Jennifer Fierro
4/3/2024 8:09:03 PM
By Rocky Balboa
So me and my wife purchased a showroom sectional w/ ottoman, said we wanted Exactly what was on the floor!!! Delivery day comes and the sectional and ottoman are 2 different colors. The furniture was pulled correctly, when we reffered back to the ticket it was written incorrectly( mistake on the sales rep). No biggie (at first) I called the store figured in the same day shouldn’t be an issue to swap, I was told for mistakes you have to call and make a claim. A little annoyed I called and was told that they would come pick up and exchange the incorrect one for the correct color, for $100 more….. what!! Turned out for the exact same ottoman in a different color it was $100 more. I went to the store they owned up to the mistake but still wanted to upcharge me for something they messed up on. I spoke to the sales rep and he took me to customer service both tag teamed me and tried to make me believe I had no choice, that I would have paid the $100 in the beginning anyway. At this point I told them I know only $100 but that it was their mistake not mine, and I would rather return the whole thing than to pay the extra and go elsewhere. Then they said it there would be a restocking fee even though it was delivered that day. I said I was told that within 24-48hrs you could return w/ no penalty. The costumer service woman said the was incorrect. I told her I wanted to speak to the manager, she said “you can but he’s just gonna tell you the same thing” I said that fine I want to speak to him. She paged and at this point pretended I wasn’t there ignored me as I spoke. The manager came up I told him the ordeal and he made it right exchanged the pieces no extra charge. So kudos to him, anyway moral of the story don’t let those trolls back you into a corner and make you feel like you have no choice cause in the end they can’t even write up the correct order when you’re standing in front of the furniture saying that is EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!
3/18/2024 1:38:39 PM
By blockhead mock
Best place to get home furnishings
3/15/2024 10:50:19 PM
By Robert Derby
I’m going to start of with buyer beware .. the delivery dept has failed me two times now and when there want me to reschedule they tell me the next delivery can be booked between 7 to 7 ?? Honestly there are no words for that one.. I generally buy from springs with 0 problems but thought I would support local but when they take my money and have an oh well attitude that makes me nnever want to deal with that kind of business at all what a let down still don’t have my furniture.
3/14/2024 11:38:36 PM
Absolutely love this Canvas. Its big 5foot × almost 4foot fits perfect.
3/12/2024 1:09:42 PM
By Nick Sanderson
Great selection and prices!
3/10/2024 11:51:53 PM
By James Jordan
This would be a five star review except for something I’ll mention below, but our salesman Daniel Samora was excellent to work with and I would give him five stars. Professional, no pressure, good advice, and made things happen (when others didn’t) when there was a change. His customer service was really, really good. Of course AFW has outstanding selection and prices. They have for decades. The Knox full grain Italian leather furniture we bought is awesome. For the quality and the price we are very pleased with our purchase. It’s causal but luxurious style is perfect for our home. We looked for weeks online at about everything out there and always came back to the Knox furniture. It gets five stars. The only reason for four stars and not five is that when we had to change the order from pickup to delivery, we were told it couldn’t be done by two different employees. I called once, and then a second time just to make sure it couldn’t be done. The second person said of the first, “I’m sure they’re not lying.” Really. No one said they were lying. Seriously. You’re the largest furniture dealer in Colorado. You have a truck coming from Denver passing within a few hundred yards of your Pueblo store and you can’t add a loveseat and a chair. Okay. So maybe it’s not that easy. I called Daniel Samora. He called the Denver warehouse, saw that the furniture we wanted was in stock, and made arrangements to have them delivered. He also was there to assist with the payment for the delivery when there was an issue. Crazy how two employees said it couldn’t be done and another just got it done. Thanks Daniel. Overall good experience and I’m sure we’ll be back
3/10/2024 1:59:11 PM
By Dottie Caton-Adame
3/7/2024 10:53:55 PM
By Roxana Phelps
3/4/2024 4:14:35 AM
By Judith Barro Johnson
Fixed my brakes and rotors.
3/2/2024 3:20:04 AM
By Stan lamprecht
I recently bought a recliner at afw and it's the wrong color and size. I went back to store and they are telling me that is what I ordered. Which is false. I bought a brown recliner and they sent me a charcoal color. They said that my lighting is bad at house. Hopefully they can rectify this matter. Because they are wrong. Where does the consumer stand these days. They are testing my integrity.
2/27/2024 9:15:05 AM
By Mike Duran
Had no intentions to purchase anything today but after walking in the front door with my two little kids and get to meet the owner of the company I felt inspired so we sought heart and deep and realized her two boys are growing they've outgrown their beds so we bought them new beds bedroom a new pillow.
2/24/2024 8:10:20 PM
By jonathan koch
They have a lot of good furniture to choose from if you're looking for high class furniture.
2/20/2024 4:05:16 PM
By Sandy McDonald
We have had nothing but good service from American Furiture! We are happy with every piece of furniture we have purchased from them.
2/17/2024 2:46:39 PM
By Yon Iaccio
What a waste of time. Took the long drive to buy furniture. Bought furniture. Multiple deliveries( which occur only once a month)declined by their drivers due to typical Colo weather along US highway 50. It's a Colo company. They should be use to driving in Colo conditions. I own a store. I still get my Pepsi, Coca-cola, coremark, and shamrock deliveries no problem. After a few months of them saying they'll make delivery attempts I'm now declining the sale as we are leaving town for a couple of months. That was my first time shopping AFW and perhaps my last.
2/12/2024 10:58:37 PM
By Janeice Rathke
My new chair began being very difficult to lean back or put in the footrest after about a month. I called and they sent out a “repair man” he walked in, said it was fine and there’s nothing he could do. When he finally actually looked underneath, he said it was welded and nothing could be done. They offered a refund AFTER a restock fee and AFTER a delivery charge. We have literally spent thousands of dollars there over the years, but now it’s gonna be Benfattis
2/10/2024 8:09:09 PM
By Mike Leyba
The massage chair ordered didn't work like it should. They ordered me a new one so we'll see how it goes???
2/3/2024 2:01:37 PM
By D.C.
1/26/2024 8:14:27 PM
By Savanna Saldana
We had an excellent experience because of Jeannine Algien! She was very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. We were able to get the couches we wanted and she made the process super easy and extremely enjoyable! We look forward to working with her as we furnish the rest of our home! We will be recommending her to everyone
1/26/2024 3:57:39 AM
By Tyler Daily
Salespeople will bait and switch prices.
1/25/2024 10:56:17 PM
By Patricia Geller
1/25/2024 3:59:21 PM
By Janus Stanley
Amazing service-awesome selection and delivery guys were fantastic. 10/10 would recommend
1/10/2024 12:24:51 AM
By Mary M
1/8/2024 4:05:46 PM
By Jayme Lee
Great selection and prices!
1/5/2024 7:54:41 PM
By 79Doughboy
Delivery guys were extremely friendly and efficient. They genuinely wanted to provide a great experience for me which I did get. Staff at the store were also very helpful so I would definitely recommend this store to everyone. It’s my second time purchasing from this store and have not regretted it.
1/4/2024 3:20:09 PM
By Sue
12.20.23 If you're in a spot like we we're in and a piece of furniture broke right before Christmas 2023 and needed something quickly, AFW worked. We tend to stay away from one salesman bc he isn't too knowledgeable there and has given us false information, but we do like Dan, and we're happy with his service last month
1/2/2024 11:25:27 PM
By tammatha shade
Website is horrible.. I might go in the store next time I'm in Pueblo Colorado to browse..
12/26/2023 8:15:33 PM
By Breanna Morgan (Breelzebub)
12/19/2023 2:17:26 AM
By Dawn
Never been until we wanted a sofa. Found a worker who I actually knew, and enjoyed our purchase.
12/9/2023 8:18:03 AM
By Hamiltonohaleiii
Although we really like the couch we got, we feel like we were given the runaround a bit. We went to the store after going to multiple furniture stores and found a couch we liked but didn't love the color. We were told by the salesperson that they had a darker color for the same price. We decided to think about it and come back after checking a couple more stores. We ultimately decided to come back and were again told that they had the same couch in a different color at the same price which was also reflected on the tag. However, after we went to check out, we were told the darker color would be $80 more. They would not honor the price we were told and this was someone upsetting. We did still get the couch and I am happy with it, but I am left with a sour taste in my mouth. I did call the general customer support line and they also were not willing to help rectify the issue. We were only given an explanation that the one color may be discontinued and the salespeople did not know this.
12/6/2023 8:56:13 PM
By Willy Boy Medina
12/5/2023 2:42:35 PM
By Larry Scharton
Kevin was great as usual with his quick and pleasant help in our selection of a mattress.
11/28/2023 10:10:54 AM
By Sharon Johnson
11/27/2023 9:01:05 PM
By Della Pacheco
Just had a bed I bought for my grandson almost delivered. Turns out the screws were bent so now I have to wait all day for them to bring screws from Denver to Pueblo and maybe they will get to me after they finish all their deliveries. My grandson is going to be very disappointed when he gets home from school and he does not see the new bed he has excitedly been waiting for . There were also several scratches on the frame and a couple of the slats were broke American Furniture advertises they have the lowest prices in furniture but this bed was not cheap in price for me, a retired grandmother in her 60's. I hope they keep their word and finish the job today.
11/22/2023 5:44:41 AM
By john gallegos
I found the perfect theater furniture that met my needs and location in my house. Staff was awesome and was more than knowledgeable to answer all my questions. Ty 😊
11/10/2023 11:14:19 PM
By Andrew Garcia
Overall, good places and helpful sales people only issue I had was with a front desk woman worker with black hair, which was very rude and disrespectful 😒
11/7/2023 5:15:56 AM
By Shaun Aragon
Great selection and great value for your money.
11/5/2023 7:14:20 PM
By Whitnie Panion
Our salesman mike Carlson was absolutely amazing . I was satisfied with pricing as well .
10/27/2023 1:34:06 AM
By June Saiz
The people there know how to talk to u
10/20/2023 7:49:52 PM
By Brenda Newey
Perfect furniture for everyone
10/19/2023 8:57:12 PM
By Matt Lucero
10/19/2023 7:13:31 PM
By Mary Prins
10/19/2023 2:56:57 PM
By Patricia Manzanares
From the salesman to the delivery men, all was top knotch.
10/14/2023 5:27:07 AM
By Joe Tran
Service: Kevin our sales representative explains everything perfectly, he's clearly a seasoned professional that has been selling furniture for decades. I'm super thankful to have him explain everything and we walked out really happy. It was delivered on time and without any issues. He expressed very clearly that upon arrival, if there's anything wrong, take a picture that day and they'll make it right. That means you have to INSPECT it upon delivery, sounds pretty common sense to me. Quality: Look folks, read some reviews about the "low" quality of furniture, and the reps here are very clear about this. There's low end budget stuff, and then there's high end stuff. You can't expect a $90 coffee table to last 10 years. They carry all different brands, and yes, just like cars, there's different trims and different grades of fabric. You typically pay for what you get. I have a high end Ashley's leather sectional that is going on 10 years, and it's still in amazing condition cuz I actually leather treat and clean it. Ashley also produces low end stuff for teenagers and college students moving into their first apartment etc. Summary: What I'm getting at is you can judge this store for carrying all tiers of furniture. Just because they sell cheap stuff doesn't mean everything they sell is cheap; you have to choose carefully.
10/13/2023 2:28:07 PM
By Rose Martinez
10/11/2023 7:46:45 PM
By Clayton Vogel
Great service an prices.
2/1/2018 1:42:26 PM
By Tresa Rupright
8/10/2019 1:15:19 AM
4/2/2018 6:43:28 PM
By Elissa Celeste Ortivez-Haught
Great assistance with finding the exact piece i was looking for.. easy to purchase and to pick up.
2/14/2019 3:36:36 PM
By Shannon Radford
1/28/2023 1:24:18 PM
By Steve Kowalski
2/25/2023 6:02:38 PM
By Cynthia Stotts
11/24/2021 6:27:51 PM
By Vincent Ramirez
11/28/2021 11:57:59 PM
By Kimberly Valdez
Unfortunately, we were told to pick up our merchandise by the sales rep and it was not in the store. We drove 80 miles to pick this item up. I understand that errors happen. When I tried to come up with a solution with the “customer service” rep Michelle. Michelle was a very combative person. Due to Michelle’s aggressive demeanor we decided to cancel the order and get a refund. Poor customer service experience. One person has the ability to make the store have a bad rating and that is very unfortunate. We appreciate the service from the other sales staff.
7/8/2018 1:59:04 AM
By Michael Hicks
Lots of furniture they got what u want and need
9/18/2018 1:16:46 PM
By Geraldine Edwards
7/2/2017 9:07:46 PM
By Dave Bernal
9/15/2018 11:36:52 PM
By Paige Villela
7/2/2020 12:55:53 AM
By Leonard Martinez
8/24/2017 7:49:14 PM
By Stephenia Mattson
Got a great deal on our new bed
3/15/2023 9:47:29 PM
By Steve T
1/17/2020 11:26:28 PM
By Mojo Rizn
Best prices in pueblo.
10/25/2019 12:21:22 AM
By Elizabeth Bukovsky
I was able to look around without feeling pressured (maybe because I look like I don't have the kind of money to shop there lol) but the selection was good. I was able to try out a couple of different love seats and talk it over with my daughter before making our decision. Once we made our decision though then there was no one to be found that could help us with our purchase. On our way to the registers at the front of the store we encountered a very nice woman who asked if we needed any help. We showed her what we wanted. She went over the 5yr warranty on the power recliners when I explained that I was not fond of the powered recliners due to issues from personal experience. Once I decided exactly what I wanted to get she explained the delivery options and prices. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. I appreciated the service and assistance and look forward to having my loveseat delivered in 3 days. I could have had it delivered sooner but getting it a couple days out was my choice due to things I already have planned. And the fact that they can and will deliver on a Sunday is awesome!
1/27/2018 12:48:42 AM
By Paul Lampron
They have a large selection and very affordable prices. Great place to go if you are on a budget, not long lasting, solid, quality furniture. Great get me by kind of stuff.
6/6/2023 7:43:54 PM
By Cole Smith
1/26/2022 6:54:31 PM
By Fleshngold2
Busted our screen door wall trying to put a table in our house
12/7/2018 8:30:59 PM
By Alyssa Bray
11/16/2019 8:52:45 PM
By Lola Long
Lots to choose from.
10/8/2018 2:32:48 AM
By Janet Ross
They have an excellent selection. The parking was good and it was easy to get into the building. My only complaint was that it took awhile for someone to come help us.
1/21/2021 11:41:12 PM
By preston smith
Shana has been amazing to work with as we order a lot of merchandise for our new real estate office. She has been very efficient, knowledgeable and patient. We will continue to shop for more as we expand and we will be using Shana as our go-to salesperson. She is an amazing employee that has given us an excellent customer service experience. We will be recommending her and AFW to our network.
12/7/2018 3:54:33 AM
By Lisa Amato
They make buying so easy. Delivery is simple and accurate timing. They give you complete info bios on the delivery people. Nice.
9/2/2018 6:54:53 AM
By Karla Alvarez
Pretty good selection to purchase from
2/23/2019 4:49:35 AM
By Дружбы
Walked around for an hour they had reasonable prices. Had a few questions about products but never did anyone approach me to ask if I needed help or even as much as make eye contact.