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Conroe, TX 77304
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Store Reviews

(100 reviews)
12/5/2023 7:05:29 PM
By Gretchen Bethea
Didn't take old mattress cause of stains. Would of been helpful to know this at time of purchase instead of delivery.
12/5/2023 5:48:48 PM
By Kike Cardoza
12/4/2023 4:49:10 PM
By Mr. Dr. Chicken
12/4/2023 4:41:04 PM
By Scubadiver
Don’t waste your time buying anything here
12/4/2023 4:42:17 PM
By Mr Dr Chicken
Horrible place to buy furniture
12/4/2023 4:48:21 PM
By Dominick Wagner
12/3/2023 10:17:42 PM
By Armando Cruz
Los mejores colchones y muebles
12/2/2023 4:57:46 PM
By Marcus Reeves
12/2/2023 1:30:35 PM
By Jackie Weathers
This is my go to store.even if I'm not buying anything I just love to go and look.
11/30/2023 4:26:50 PM
By Dominic wagner
8/16/2022 2:42:23 PM
By Robin McFarland
Very professional customer service and high quality furniture!
11/29/2023 12:53:07 PM
By Paula Cruz
Delicious comida, personal muy amable, ambiente agradable, que Mas quieres lanzate Para Guadalajara te va a gustar te lo aseguro!!!
11/28/2023 12:33:26 AM
By Lisa Harrington
11/26/2023 7:59:06 PM
By Justin Field
Very poor customer service! My elderly parents bought a bed from the Conroe location. It was supposed to be delivered in 3 days, but it took 4 weeks. It came in a box that had been opened and barely taped together. Then, once we put it together, we realized we were missing the slats that support the mattress. When we called customer service, they said the only thing they could do is exchange it, and we have to disassemble it and send it back. How is it they made all the mistakes but we have do all the work and waste out time! You are better off going to Rooms to Go!
11/26/2023 3:26:46 PM
By Caleb Smith
I've bought furniture here a few times. Quality is always good, the only downside is finding help when you're actually ready to purchase vs that initial hunt down that you get from employees when you first walk in the door.
11/26/2023 4:23:30 AM
By irene portillo
They had a fireplace on sale I always wanted a fireplace so I sent my daughter and she got it the same day within an our thank you American furniture Warehouse
11/24/2023 9:25:14 PM
By Vickye Posey
We really like this store but we've been helped by 2 salesperson who gave me their cards & promised they'd call back if we had a question. I've tried to call them both at different times - no callback. That's poor salesmanship!!
11/24/2023 5:57:01 PM
By Steven Earle
Wonderful experience, Sharon Lang was a great help. Fast and speedy checkout we were on our way within minutes
11/24/2023 10:51:39 AM
By Kayleigh Short
The store was organized and was not overly stocked or crowded with furniture.
11/21/2023 7:40:39 PM
By Katie H
If you are in the market for furniture. AFW has the largest selection with unbeatable prices! After shopping everywhere Rooms To Go, Bel, Conn’s, Ashley’s, Gallery, you name it we went there. We ended up back at AFW. Ask for Tre, she was phenomenal! She answered all questions and even questioned we did not think about. She was knowledgeable, thorough, great personality! Made sure we understood all the fine print and discussed additional fees up front. There were no surprises or last minute items to come up. Tre made great recommendations and gave ideas from a different perspective. She handled all of our back and forth bouncing around. We had that poor girl walking circles. She never complained or made us feel like we were a burden. She made no pressure for us to buy. Tre literally felt like part of the family shopping for furniture with us! Even if pricing was higher, I would still bring my business back to AFW simply for Tre! She was so awesome we even felt the need to speak with a manager and let him know how great she was! They always get the negative feedback when the positive feedback needs to be acknowledged just as much! Go see Tre for all your furniture needs and wants!
11/21/2023 1:47:59 AM
By Justin Weiss
Awesome store with great prices. Definitely recommend
11/20/2023 8:04:43 PM
By Mike Toti
11/18/2023 9:05:42 PM
By Dwight Osteen
Ask for James. He is a great sales professional that will make sure you are getting what you need.
11/17/2023 10:42:45 PM
By Dee Gee
Thank you Edward for your help!
11/17/2023 4:25:45 PM
By antonio rivero
Muy buen servicio y calidad
11/17/2023 3:31:03 PM
By Andrew Grant
11/15/2023 4:31:26 PM
By Piffany Ellis
Not customer friendly
11/13/2023 10:19:02 PM
By Monica Carter
Great selection with great prices!
11/13/2023 10:00:42 PM
By lorianna aleman
11/13/2023 7:24:58 PM
By Khine Z Arthur
AFW Conroe is awesome. Their service is amazing~ both the showroom staff and the delivery team! The products are really good quality considering the super reasonable prices on the tags. We highly recommend this store!
11/12/2023 7:12:57 PM
By Becky D
Everyone was very helpful and there was NO pressure to buy! There is such a huge selection to choose from. We bought a sectional and we love it!
11/12/2023 3:25:24 PM
By MJ Saghravani
Great service and very helpful. Thank you
11/11/2023 4:50:49 PM
By C.P
If the business makes things right, I will change my review. If my review still reflects 1 star - rest assured any response from the business owner was not genuine and for appearances only. My Wife was at the store yesterday at 3:00pm and was guaranteed that they would hold a set of furniture until the following day. A "Sold" sign was placed on the furniture as a promise before she left to discuss our options at home. We decided to buy it and were at the doors this morning the moment they opened (9:59am) and the couch and love seat were GONE. American Furniture claims to be "Veteran owned" but as a 17 year veteran myself I'm comfortable pointing out the lack of values. This place operates with no loyalty, honesty, or integrity. The Irony that this took place on Veterans Day isn't lost on me. To make matters worse, when it became apparent that we had been deceived at best and disrespected at worst - every employee to include the manager essentially shrugged their shoulders with indifference. No real apologies or offers to make the situation right were made. Take your business elsewhere. Cheap business practices suggest a cheap product. If this is how they treat customers BEFORE the transaction, imagine how things might go AFTER they get your money. I'll be spreading the word. Obviously we are very upset, but things like this shouldn't happen. Your customers deserve better.
11/10/2023 9:55:48 PM
By Jerry Holzwarth
11/10/2023 7:23:09 PM
By Ryan Drew
Great prices, customer service has been great and I’ve visited all 3 locations in the Houston area. Highly recommend checking out, and here in Houston we are flooded with furniture stores. Prices can’t be beat.
11/10/2023 5:53:38 PM
By John Newsome
It was easy to get the couch we wanted without annoying salespeople harassing us. We liked the price and the delivery exceeded our expectations!
11/10/2023 4:44:49 PM
By Christina noordover
Very disappointing. I bought some chairs online that weren’t comfortable. So I thought to check the store first before I buy again. But I couldn’t find anything that I liked. A lot “same old sane old” stuff.
11/9/2023 7:57:59 PM
By max geffon
11/8/2023 9:52:23 PM
By Syd R
Erin was extremely helpful when I came in, her kindness and the way she explained things to help me better understand the difference In adjustable bases and measurements was extremely appreciated. Just wanted to take some time out to say " Thankyou Erin for your hospitality. I would definitely come back, thanks to her.
11/8/2023 9:57:53 PM
By Carol M
Great furniture great customer service 💯❤️purchase a beautiful chair and great develivery service very professional 😁💯💯💯💯💯❤️
11/8/2023 12:04:49 AM
By Steve
This store is outstanding From the sales associate to the delivery personnel , definitely going back By the way the coffee is pretty good
11/6/2023 6:43:08 PM
By Stephen Kelly
BUYER BEWARE if picking up furniture instead of delivery. The dock staff do not unwrap and rewrap the furniture for inspection, do not offer it. We have learned that even if the damage is clearly a fabrication issue (poor workmanship in our case), they will not pick the item up and exchange it. The customer is required to return the item. There is no offer of compensating you for your wasted time. So if you plan to purchase and pick up the items yourself, have the dock staff unpackage the item for inspection prior to leaving. Overall, our experience was good and one of the 2 pieces appears to be well constructed. Our salesperson was very good, except that we weren't informed of that policy - or that we had to contact the service department within 48 hours of seeing the damage (though we notified him immediately once we unwrapped the chaise lounger). If we shop there again, we will either have the items delivered or have the items unpackaged for inspection if we are picking them up. For this issue, they are doing the replacement, with delivery cost added/charged to us.
11/6/2023 4:07:36 PM
By Kaelee Luther
This is my 2nd time purchasing from AFW and it was another great experience.
11/6/2023 8:32:05 AM
By Brandon Yancey
11/4/2023 6:58:04 PM
By rcwarbird
One of the best stores for service I seen in a while. No pressure and found exactly what we were shopping for. Delivery was great as well
11/4/2023 5:41:22 AM
By Elizabeth Sharp
The crew at the store was of great assistance.
11/2/2023 9:23:21 PM
By Patricia Garcia
10/31/2023 3:27:15 PM
By Benita Stanford
Great selection, reasonable prices, and professional delivery. Good experience overall!
10/31/2023 3:29:01 AM
By Emerson Bonilla
10/30/2023 11:24:03 PM
By Melanie Homm
I had a wonderful experience at this furniture store. Their selection is extensive, prices are reasonable, and the staff is genuinely friendly. It's the perfect place for furniture shopping!
10/30/2023 3:28:04 PM
By Wanderley Pasqual Junior
I purchased a console and wanted to return it, and they don't accept returns. This is fine. It is fine to have a "no-return items policy", as long as CUSTOMER ARE INFORMED about that prior or during the purchase. They don't say anything about that and just want to sell it. When I called the customer service to check how to return it, they say they won't accept because of their policy, and that it was my fault for not asking if I could return it prior to the purchase. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I made multiple complaints, before and after the reply below, and somebody from customer service called me 1-2 days later and left a message saying that they would accept the return of the item I bought with 15% restocking fee (which is fine). I had to complaint in 4 different channels to be heard. I took the product back yesterday. I am changing the star rating on this review from 1 to 3, considering they replied to my complaints and understood my situation.
10/30/2023 1:07:39 AM
By Stephanie E.
*Update* - After the "Response from owner", I emailed customer service and have not received a response! I even called the store to verify email. No response! It's been almost 2 weeks now Original post First time ever shopping here and not coming back! Drove really far to purchase an item I saw on their mailed Ad and got there, asked for it in black like the Ad showed, checked out, waited to pick up the item from their warehouse, opened it and it was the wrong color. I went back into the store and was told it would be $10 more for the color I want. I felt tricked, I drove far, this was false advertising and the cashier could have done more to make it right. Instead I left upset
10/29/2023 9:50:19 PM
By hl00p0ypgRoyce99youly Millician
Got Exactly what I paid for cheap Chinese furniture! It filled the situation, if I wanted quality furniture that is really American made I always go to Gallery Furniture (REAL AMERICAN MADE FURNITURE) AMISH.. NOT CHEAP!!
10/27/2023 12:07:47 AM
By Crystal Lujan
Me and my fiancé were treated poorly not by the salesman but the cashier in the front. We were interested in buying a bed set and couches, and asked about partial financing (we had the full amount but we were just inquiring) and were treated like we weren’t legitimate or as his words were “Fraud”. I work with financing and would never use that terminology in front of a customer. I had all the evidence and documents to provide to show but they kept finding excuses not to work with us and rushing us out. We just decided to forget It especially after the word “fraud” was used in our faces. Shoutout Bell furniture for meeting and exceeding our needs instead!
10/26/2023 9:48:37 PM
By nancy valles
DON’t SHOP HERE!! Bought a mattress a few weeks ago and was told they had a shipment of the mattresses coming in 2 days. A week went by called them and they said they were on their way but should be in any day. Another 2 weeks go by and now it may be here in a few weeks. Would not have bought a mattress from them if that was the case. They are no help when I called and said I could cancel but there is nothing they can do. Terrible customer service!! This is the Conroe location.
10/26/2023 12:57:59 AM
By Gene R.
10/24/2023 8:36:46 PM
By Vincent Johnson (Garage Door Doctor)
Great selections and friendly staff. We ordered bunk beds and coffee table. They came when scheduled and assembled it. Very pleased with the whole process.
10/24/2023 5:19:42 PM
By Donna G. Hinna
American Furniture is the best! Sales people aren't overly aggressive, but friendly, very helpful and professional. We were amazed to find quality brand name furniture at unbelievable prices. And delivery was great as well. They were careful and mindful of the new items, as well as our home. Everything was place exactly as we wanted. I have to say this purchase was great from the time we walked in the front door all the way through delivery!
10/23/2023 5:38:25 PM
By Connie Burns
Shopped recliners. Great customer service without pushing for the sale. There was a large selection of recliners to choose from. Nice shopping experience.
10/22/2023 9:57:51 PM
By Wayland Boozer
Have made 2 purchases from AFW. One online and one in person. Online process is easy and pick up is super simple. Second purchase in store was assisted by great and helpful salesperson, Alex. He was patient with us coming to the store twice to check measurements and ask questions about configuration options. Also had help with a return and was very easy. Great customer service all around.
10/19/2023 5:41:54 PM
By Cynthia Hardwick
Had a great experience and the delivery was perfect.
10/11/2023 1:57:59 AM
By Javion tugg
I’ve made a total of 3 purchases at this location on 2 separate occasions. First time going I got a sectional every thing was smooth no problems I rented their truck for 45 mins only 20 bucks. Second time around my family comes and we find what we’re looking for in about a hour showroom is great. They didn’t have the tv stand that I wanted and stated I would have to wait about 3 weeks and I got the option to only put down 20% now which is a win. I come in the next day to get my bed I ordered the day before which I had to call the store to see if the bed made it to the warehouse instead of them calling me! It came in a bigger box than expected so I needed to rent a truck isn’t big enough. My and my wife share cars they’re in her name fully insured with valid driving license. I stated this information to the guys in pick up and they gave me hassle about me renting the truck because the insurance is not in my name. So my wife drives 30 minutes from work to get here to rent the truck she left her purse at home whatever the case may be but had an valid pic with the insurance card they said she can’t rent the truck because they need the physical card. Mind you I been in the store now for 2 hours almost 3 I put up a pretty big fuss about their policy with a paying customer I PAID CASH FULL PRICE NO LEASING FOR THE SECOND TIME. They took my money and said they would make a check that would take 7 to 10 days but it took them 20 minutes to take my money. This a big corporate company who really don’t care about the customer’s satisfaction. I had to change my insurance to my name just to rent a truck for 45 minutes. I got to the store at 2 I finally gave them their truck back at 6:40 this was the worst experience I ever had as a customer I was furious that I had no say or control over the items I bought. They guys in the back Danny and kelsey were very rude like they didn’t even care to help I asked for a manager they said they are when they are clearly not I was so embarrassed today. And delivery takes 2-3 days for 89.00 such a rip off this place is terrible once my tv stand comes in I will never purchase here again only Because I have to wait 7-10 days for a freakin check in the mail. Thanks American furniture for making my purchase more stressful oh yea and look at the box I hope the headboard is good
10/16/2023 11:29:24 PM
By Elissia Stone
Good prices, good service, great furniture!
10/15/2023 9:43:58 PM
By David Cowher
Great prices!
10/15/2023 7:59:55 PM
By Carem G
Make sure that if you buy something here that you won’t need to return the item or even exchange with another item. Their return policy sucks! They will charge you 15% restocking fee. We made big purchases of furniture and decor here. Will never come back and will not recommend!
10/15/2023 11:30:46 AM
By M M
Love that the staff doesn't hassle while customers are browsing. Great prices
10/15/2023 1:51:25 AM
By Paul Case
10/15/2023 12:39:17 AM
By Doug Hair
We went in to buy two beds and a mattress and was fortunate enough to get your staff member Antwon. He was polite through, professional, He made the whole experience effortless. Thanks Antwon.
10/15/2023 3:50:09 PM
By Eric Alvarado
Love the level of professionalism from the store staff. Sales person Dan was amazing and took his time to show my wife and I different options that could fit our space. Fast and friendly delivery personnel. Overall great experience!
10/13/2023 6:23:12 PM
By Michael Holland
Absolutely love this place. No pressure sales team. Nice showroom. The even rent vehicles out for do it yourself folks. Good prices , and just a smooth transaction all the way around.
10/13/2023 6:06:18 PM
By LaToya Branch
10/11/2023 3:17:41 PM
By Kitty Kat
Please be careful spending money here, they will not repair or replace damaged items you buy from them. Terrible business with terrible business practices, read through the reviews extra carefully, this is a reoccurring thing with this business. They sell bad quality furniture at very high prices and will not and can not garauntee it will come in good condition. Choose a better business to spend money with, please.
10/11/2023 2:16:48 PM
By Dung Dang
The crew at the store was of great assistance.
10/10/2023 8:48:34 PM
By Benny Mason
Excellent furniture, sale person Mason and delivery. Can't ask for more.
10/11/2023 1:08:26 AM
By Gabe A.
4/20/2022 11:29:20 AM
By Tristan
We have been going to American furniture warehouse for years our entire home is pretty much made up of items from the store! We shopped at the one in Colorado Springs and are so happy to see a new location in Conroe south of Loop 336 on 45. It’s always a fair price– and we shop at Gallery furniture also and find it being probably cheaper here for the same quality.
12/24/2022 7:27:48 PM
By Ryan Martin
Guys was very quick, and professional
8/12/2022 2:50:20 PM
By Cora Walker
Fair prices, delivery service was excellent. I was able to track when the truck would be here by their tracking service. I will definitely purchase from this store again if I needed more furniture. Definitely would recommend.
6/24/2022 1:33:11 AM
By Darren Colburn
My wife and I went in there to buy a sofa sleeper on May 1st period since then we've had 3 deliveries they've all been wrong. Trying to get a refund is like pulling teeth, they wanna short me $400. They sent me the wrong item so it's my fault. And I "just because it's the wrong item doesn't mean you don't have to pay a 15% restocking fee. Tell this company to go back to Colorado Texas doesn't need you.
11/8/2022 4:43:19 PM
By Randall Williams
I’ll be back the next time I need home furnishings and accessories. Very very pleased.
7/10/2022 4:27:42 PM
By Ann Sauder
9/18/2022 4:14:49 PM
By Brecklyn Steptoe
Great Customer Assistance by James and Awesome On Time Delivery Services.
4/21/2022 1:52:24 AM
By Tim Davis
5/4/2022 8:37:34 PM
By yazmin rojas
12/1/2022 1:05:13 PM
By Robert Fernandez
11/21/2022 5:45:52 PM
By Lucas Medina
Great selection, attentive staff, amazing prices... I love it!
9/19/2022 7:52:28 PM
By Mark
Great prices, excellent service through the entire process of purchasing and delivery
10/3/2022 3:47:10 PM
By Leticia “Lety” Gonzalez
12/15/2022 2:37:50 PM
By guillermo Aguirre
4/16/2023 2:04:59 AM
By Waqas Qureshi
I had best experience, James helped me lot to choose. Great prices
5/22/2023 7:59:26 PM
By Vanessa
I have bought a box frame and a couch from this store on separate occasions. The staff if very helpful and the loading service is amazing!
9/26/2022 4:10:18 PM
By Jason Groneman
Friendly knowledgeable sales associates, no stress sale. Delivery was prompt, with a clean quick set up. Highly recommend.
9/2/2022 9:10:17 PM
By Debbie Hilley
Love American furniture
9/3/2022 2:23:49 PM
Very pleasant in here, employees were nice. Very different experience (good though) from what you get in your typical furniture store like Gallery, Ashley, Star ect. You walk in freely and find someone in that area for assistance if needed or when you're ready to "checkout" We went there specifically for a new mattress and got it the same day (we loaded it on our truck). Came out with a better quality mattress &for less than what we would've got at Mattress Firm
7/22/2022 1:32:05 PM
By Michelle Benson
5/10/2022 4:45:36 PM
By Denise Burnham
No pressure sales. Great service. Highly recommend American furniture warehouse
7/29/2022 5:38:57 PM
By Cristhi Martìnez
Excellent!! The best.
2/13/2023 2:49:44 PM
By Carol Barlow
Good sales, nice people to deal with. Nice selection of items.
2/12/2023 4:18:48 AM
By Elizabeth Esquivel
10/11/2022 8:01:03 PM
By Renata Valfogo
A lot of good options, for all tastes! Fast delivery and polite staffs. I really recommend the store.

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