Types of Recliners

Types of Recliners

Now that we have answered all our questions regarding what we are looking for in a new recliner, It's time to look at types of recliners. Here at American Lifestyle Furniture we offer many types of recliners from standard to power to big-man recliners, each one providing the highest level of quality, comfort, and style.

Types of Recliners

Traditional or Stander Recliners

The traditional two-position recliner is the entry-level point into recliners and the most common in living rooms around the world. The recliner functions by reclining back into a layed back position when a lever or button is pushed releasing the seat back into the down position and the footrest into the up position. This type of recliner is great for large rooms with a lot of space allowing the recliner to recline back fully and is offered in both fabric and leather options.

Power Recliners

If comfort and ease are what you desire, a power recliner is for you. The power recliner provides the benefits of a traditional recliner with the added benefits of a power button that uses electricity to recline your chair. Power recliners are a great option for people with mobility issues because of their comfort and ease in reclining with the push of a button.

Rocker & Glider Recliner

Rocker recliners are a great gift for new mothers and parents with young children offering a quiet way to rock children to a peaceful sleep. Rockers recline like other recliners but rock back and forth on an arched track providing a soothing and relaxing motion.Glider recliners are another great options for new parents. They operate the same as a rocker recliner except rocking on a linear path instead of an arched path.

Lift Recliner

Lift recliners are popular with elderly and people recovering from surgery for their ease of movement and lay flat option for sleeping comfort. Lift recliners are often recommended by physician for people recovering from surgery, weak knees, legs and hips and the elderly.

Wall-Saver Recliner

Wall-saver recliners are a great option for people looking to conserve space or have a recliner in a small space. Wall-saver recliners have more limited range of motion and sit straight up providing ease of getting in and out of the recliner while still not taking up as much space as a traditional recliner.

Massage Recliners

Sit back, relax while the massage recliner does the work. These massage recliners are the real deal. Massage techniques include kneading, knocking, and vibration with calf and foot massage as well. Includes hand-held remote with programming capabilities. When it comes to massage recliners, the only question is: Why wouldn't you purchase one? These recliners are equipped with mechanical massage features that help relieve aches and pains.

Large Recliners

Chair-and-a-half recliners, or (our favorite term) big man recliners are the ultimate in comfort. Whether you are a big man or you're a smaller person, you'll love curling up or stretching out in a bigger, plusher version of the classic, American recliner.

Reclining Furniture

Instead of fighting over the recliner, why not add a reclining sofa or section to your home for your whole families enjoyment. From sections to theater seating we have a large selection of reclining furniture options for entertaining your family. Any of these many types of recliners can help add a new relaxing element to your home. Make sure to test all of our styles to find the best recliner for your home. What's your favorite style of recliner?