Designer's Den | 3D Room Planner

Designer's Den | 3D Room Planner

Did you know our 3D Room Planner can help you design your room before you buy your furniture? Sizes are true to scale, so you don't have to guess if that sofa or bed will fit. Watch to learn more and try it out here.

The AFW 3D Room Planner is one of the best ways to put your ideas and inspirations together for your “dream space.” It's free, easy-to-use tool, and lets you build and design directly on your desktop, tablet, or phone. 

With our 3D Room Planner, we take the guessing out of furniture shopping by letting you build your room’s blueprint with custom dimensions, wall colors, flooring types, room types, and more.

Once you have your blueprint ready, you can browse AFW’s furniture catalog and drag and drop whatever pieces you like into the space. If you don’t like the placement or color, you can move, rotate, and select product variations to better suit your style.

Once you are done designing, you can save your project and even checkout directly from the 3D Room Planner!

Try out our 3D Room Planner today or stop by a store near you to see the styles you love in person.