Designing with Dark Neutrals

Designing with Dark Neutrals

Originally posted on March 29, 2017 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

Creating a Sophisticated Neutral Look in 3 Easy Steps

Living room decorated with neutrals

Creating a space with neutrals yields a high-end, sophisticated look. While it can seem more challenging to execute than a space with color, by sticking to three basic design principles you'll see just how easy it is to create a space that is warm, inviting, and impactful.

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Sofa, rug, wall art, and end tables

1. Pull Your Palette

When creating a space with neutrals, an existing element makes a smart starting point. Whether it's your favorite wall color, a piece of art, or a rug, it helps you to create a unified color palette. In this space we pulled our palette from an area rug: the dark greys coordinate with the sofas, the light greys harmonize with the wall color, and the browns and beiges help tie in the accessories.

Shelf and bar cart

2. Unify Your Space

After you have your neutral color palette, it's time to unify your space with repetition. In our space we repeated colors, shapes, materials, and textures throughout the room to create a cohesive look. The artwork has similar colors and geometric shapes to the rug, while the metal elements on the TV console tie in with the metal of the lamp, bookshelf, and mini bar.

Sofa with bookshelf and pillows for texture

3. Toss in Some Texture

Finally, toss some texture into your space to instantly add warmth. We used playful shaggy pillows, twirling sticks, rattan baskets, and wooden crates to contrast the hard metals.

By pulling a color palette from an existing element, unifying your space with repetition, and incorporating texture for warmth, you can create a sophisticated, neutral room in your own space.






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