Blogger Spotlight: Finders Keepers Designs

Blogger Spotlight: Finders Keepers Designs

Originally posted on January 17, 2017 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

Don’t worry, no losers or weepers here! Finders Keepers Designs features the interior design stylings of the lovely Jade Bennett. Who is Jade Bennett, you ask? Jade is a second generation Interior Designer, graduate of American Institute of Interior Design in Fountain Hills, Arizona, and mother of two - she’s kind of a big deal. We’re obsessed with Jade’s style and how she flawlessly pairs farmhouse pieces with modern flair. That’s why we were so excited that she shared her experience from our store in Gilbert, Arizona (click here for locations) on her blog and shared with her followers @finderskeepersdesigns on Instagram the goodies she brought home. Below is an excerpt from her blog and the pieces she featured. 


  Industrial Accent Chest            Fuzz Stool White
        Industrial Accent Chest              

Fuzz Stool, White                                               


The stool pictured below was too irresistible                                            
and no longer available, but rest assured,                                         
there are 
plenty more items to love like the                                          
Fuzz Stool pictured above!                                          


American Furniture Warehouse

(Excerpt from original blog post on Finders Keepers Designs)


Before we made the move back to Mesa last year, we had lived in gilbert for the last 8 years and it was 
my favorite. I loved the open space and farmland. There were silos and old beautifully weathered 

farmhouses. However, time passed and these pieces of land and old homes were torn down and
replaced with new buildings. One of my favorite little farm houses sold off and I watched it get torn down
as I drove passed it every day. In its place they started building this big, I mean, 
HUGE warehouse and I vowed whatever this building was, I was NEVER going into it!



Ha I watched it finish being built and realized it was a furniture store. Crap. I love furniture…”No, no Jade
you are not going in there. Remember the farm house.” Ok I am never going in there. Time passed and
ads were posted on their giant Jumbotron and each time we passed my oldest begged me from the
back seat to “PLEASE TAKE HER IN THERE!”


One night I gave in. I had been dying to go inside so I blamed it on my six year old and caved. When I
walked in I was skeptical at first but quickly realized just how addicted to this place I was going to be.
The place was huge and had really beautiful pieces. They had a giant stuffed animal tiger
for my daughter to sit on, and massage chairs for my husband and I to try out.



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