Blogger Spotlight: the Wood Grain Cottage

Blogger Spotlight: the Wood Grain Cottage

Originally posted on May 23, 2016 - price and availability of particular products mentioned in this post may have changed.

Why do we sell furniture?

Furniture brings families and friends together. It provides seating for your dinner parties and for your game nights. It gives you a good night’s sleep. New furniture additions spruce up forgotten corners of your home and offer an outlet for expressing your personality, values, and creativity.

We gain a unique perspective on furniture from our customers, many of whom turn to social media to share their favorite purchases with us. Bloggers take furniture buying and home decorating to another level, with in-depth writing about the product selection process and how to integrate new pieces with older furnishings and décor. One of our favorite bloggers, Shayna Orrino, recently showcased such a makeover on The Wood Grain Cottage. Read an excerpt from her article below and then pop over to her blog for the full post (featuring our Jorwyn Two-Tone Side Chair!). We promise it’ll leave you feeling inspired – and maybe even ready to kickoff your own room transformation!


New Breakfast Nook Chairs

Last year, I moved in our outdoor patio chairs into the breakfast nook, and I loved their pop of white, while adding a modern twist to our room. But since spring is in full swing, and I’m getting ready to pull out the patio furniture, our white chairs went back outside. I originally bought them for the patio, and I love how they look (and hold up outside). 

With that said, I was looking for new breakfast nook chairs. Don’t get me wrong, I really like our table and chairs. The table is a great size, and it was one of my very first purchases when I moved out of my childhood home. For a while though, I’ve felt it was a little bit too “orange”, and I knew it was time to update.

Enter in these chairs


I found them at American Furniture Warehouse, which is located in Colorado and Arizona (but they ship online). I froze as soon as I saw them. Everything about them was right… the mix of dark walnut stain, black metal and that subtle modern twist I’ve been loving and slowly incorporating into the house.

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