Designers Den | Barstool Buying Tips

Designers Den | Barstool Buying Tips

Barstools can be such an awesome addition to your kitchen counter.
The right seat can fully complete the look of your kitchen, and help provide a peek into your personal style.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the search for the perfect piece for your kitchen and press “buy” on the first barstool that comes up in the search. So before snatching up your favorite stool, check all of the facts!

American Furniture Warehouse's seasoned designers have all the info you need to consider before making a move on the barstool you've fallen for.


Measure the dimensions of EVERYTHING

A good rule of thumb for any time you're buying any type of furniture: MEASURE!

Measure the space your furniture is going to be in and measure the physical furniture itself. Carry a tape measure with you into the furniture store, and bring your notes on the dimensions of the rooms. 

Something cool about American Furniture Warehouse is that there are signs posted all around the dining area that help to show you what you should be measuring, along with measuring tape! This helps to make the shopping experience a little easier for you, especially if you're one to forget your tape measure.

The vintage black barstools pictured below are the perfect example of why it's important to measure before coming into the store. This isnt an "I'll eyeball it" type of situation.

Two vintage black barstools with orange stitching, one at counter height and the other at bar height

Follow these simple rules and you’ll never have to kick yourself over ordering the wrong size!

Bar tops vs. Countertops: The main differences

A common misconception about barstools is that they will fit behind your average kitchen counter. The thing about these stools is that they were made for bar tops. At a bar top, you can comfortably stand with a beverage in your hand, and comfortably sit on a bar stool with your legs hanging underneath the bar.

Countertops are shorter than bar tops and you're going to be finding yourself sharing a meal, getting some work done or doing your bills at them (all activities you do sitting down). 

Bar height stools with the kitchen counter may technically work for some people, but the truth is that this height will have your knees brushing up against the underside of the counter and it will never look just right.

A farmhouse barstool, like what's pictured below, would look great in any home at both a kitchen counter and a bar top... but only if you're able to get the measurements right. 

Two black farm house barstools, one at bar height and the other at counter height

Here are the numbers to be looking for when trying to find the right bar stool:

The height of a bar is typically 42 inches so the best bar stool height would be 30 inches. Most counters are typically 36 inches, so the best counter height stool would be 24 inches. 

Dining height is 18", counter height is 24", and barstools is 30"

Buying bar stools for your home doesn't have to be complicated. Just remember to measure ALL of your furniture and your home will be looking aesthetically amazing and feeling comfy cozy! 

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