Designer's Den | Trend Talk

Designer's Den | Trend Talk

If it’s trends you seek, it’s trends you’ll find!

Finally! Some new and exciting trends are hitting stores hitting AFW’s store fronts. The Designers discuss with you the trends you’ve all been waiting to see!


Boucle is just a fancy word for soft yarn with little loops. And it is ALL the rage. You’ve likely seen this fabric on chairs and sofas in your favorite reality TV star’s home or on all the influencer’s feeds. 

"Boucle" fabric close up
White and rust colored Boucle chairs

This fabric says “I'm cozy, and you need to snuggle on me.” The best part about it is durable and easy to clean. Boucle is often found in neutral colors, but AFW has it available in rust as well. Rust is also on  trend for 2023, so be prepared to hear about it and see it  just about everywhere.

Zero G

A recent trend in the industry has been the addition of the zero gravity reclining capabilities, which makes recliners and sectionals cozier than ever.

Zero gravity in recliners, sectionals, and massage chairs just means that your feet are resting above your heart. There have been numerous studies done on the benefits of laying in this position, and to be able to have this option in a sectional, is truly magnificent.

Leather zero gravity recliner in a sectional

The sectional pictured below has the ability to be configured with multiple zero gravity recliners and has a chaise option. The entire family has the ability to lounge in zero g with this bad boy!

Leather reclining sofa

Furduroy Chaise

The “trendiest of them all award” would have to go to the  giant cozy chaise lounge that broke AFW’s internet last year. With tens of thousands of likes and shares, this chaise was the one to set the scene for the trends to look for at this year’s market. 

Huge comfy cream colored chaise lounge chaire

The best description of this chaise is “Furduroy” (a term coined by one of AFW’s clever marketers) which means furry corduroy. Once you see the fabric, you’ll get it.

The chaise is absolutely massive. Think of the biggest chaise lounge chair you can... this is bigger than that!

Will this fabric trend be here to stay? Only time will tell!

Shop the viral chaise, zero gravity sectionals and boucle sofas and chairs, only at AFW showrooms, and

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