How to Create a Western Chic Home

How to Create a Western Chic Home

Living on a luxurious hundred-acre ranch, sipping your morning coffee as you watch the sunrise over a golden field is an increasingly popular fantasy. Maybe it’s the Yellowstone effect, or maybe everyone is just starting to realize that the West really is best.

While the full ranch lifestyle might be a little out of reach, a Western Chic interior design is an affordable way to live the rustic dream.

A few key items can make a massive style impact and really give a home on the range vibe.

Establishing the right color palate for your home and your tastes is an important first step. Use that image of a prairie or mountain range to inspire! Rust colors and shades of blues can be pulled from an open sky at sunset. Warm browns and light neutrals, much like a field of grain, are a staple of the Western vista. Let these elements shine on a simple clean base, and you’re ready to roll!

Something no Western Chic home can go without is leather. A sofa or sectional made from top-grain leather (or vegan leather if that’s your preference!) provides a sturdy, stylish, and durable element to build your designs around.

While most traditional Western designs feature brown or dark leather, experimenting with lighter shades can be a way to assert your individuality within the overall look.

Along with leather furniture, a cowhide rug is a staple of Western style. You can go faux, or get a natural hide that will be completely one-of-a-kind.

Whichever room you choose to put a hide in, careful not to incorporate too many other rustic elements as this can lead to more of a “grandparents cabin” vibe, and not the chic and relaxed atmosphere you’re going for.

Sleek and streamlined lamps, lanterns, and decorative accents balance the tone and texture of the leather and cowhide to elevate each element, and keep your space looking current.

Western Chic style isn’t limited to the living room! Bedroom furniture can easily be selected to complement and continue a rustic aesthetic throughout your home. 

Retire to a large wooden bed after a long day of hard work, surrounded by warm fabrics and fireside vibes. Again, a balance of natural fibers and materials with modern accents will keep your bedroom feeling cozy, and not campsite.

A clean backdrop of white or light neutral walls will make cowboy-inspired art look cool, not kitsch. Landscapes, photos of livestock and weathered wood have a lot of big design elements. Try not to crowd your pasture with too many of these items, they thrive with a little space.

Bringing these elements together can help you create your own rural hideaway, even if your address is a bit more on the cosmopolitan side of the map.

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