When Modern Meets Modular

When Modern Meets Modular

You’ve probably heard about the Mid-Mod (mid century modern) trend, but what about the Mod-Mod (modern and modular) one?

Modern designs are a must-have for any timeless yet trendy home. The clean lines, thoughtful details, and bold accents of the Modern aesthetic make the look endlessly appealing, and applicable to a variety of rooms and spaces.

modern modular sectional
Just as styles aren’t one-size-fits-all, furniture isn’t either! Oversize modern sofas can consume a small space, and compact modern loveseats that wow in city lofts, can look like kid’s furniture in a suburban sitting room.

So how do you get a modern look that works in your unique home?

Modular furniture is the answer!

By building a sofa one element at a time, you can create a sectional that’s the perfect size and shape for the room you’ve got. And, if in a few months, or even years, you want to reconfigure, add, or adjust, you can always purchase additional pieces.

modular sectional components

So what makes a good Mod-Mod sectional?

First, you’ve got to pick a versatile material. Leather is always a classic and durable choice. While it can add a bit to the overall cost, if leather is well cared for, it can last a lifetime. Leather can also be dressed up or down, so if your tastes change, you can easily change configurations, add accessories, or even move your leather modular sofa to a different room. Because pieces can be moved too, you’re not committed to just one shape.

Neutral fabrics are a great choice for the same reason. As your needs or wants evolve, so can your sofa. Just remember lighter fabrics will need some love if you want them to last, and a good spot cleaner should always be kept on hand.

Next, think about the depth you’ll want for your sofa. Wide deep sofas look great, particularly in large furniture showrooms, but they take up a lot of space! If space is something you’ve got, awesome! Fill it up with a deep sectional. Your kids will love rolling around on the cushions, and you’ll love the roomy seating.

Keep in mind, these sectional styles tend to lend themselves more to lounging, so they are great for relaxing or napping.

If you’re looking for more structured or formal seating, or you’re short on space, get a modular collection that’s a more standard depth. These are perfect for group hangouts, watching sporting events, game nights, or any entertaining you may do.

modular reclining sectional

Finally, consider what extras you really want or need. Modular collections can have options for consoles, drink holders, ottomans, or chaises. What will you really use, and how will it impact the vibe of your home? Movie rooms absolutely will benefit from some cupholders, so that’s a no-brainer, but if you’re building your sectional for your living room, maybe you’ll want to prioritize seating space over lounging extras.

You can build the perfect Mod-Mod sectional for your home at AFW, where friendly no-pressure sales staff will help you make the best choice for you!

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