Different Types of Sleeper Sofas

Different Types of Sleeper Sofas

Expecting houseguests for the holidays? Here are four different ways to add functional sleeping space to your home that will match the rest of your design style and amaze your guests!

Sleeper Sofas

Sofa Sleeper

The sleeper sofa has been a mainstay of the furniture industry ever since its creation more than 80 years ago. Inventor Bernard Castro is credited for the design. His unique concept concealed the pullout mattress and frame inside the sofa while retaining the aesthetic appeal of high-end furniture. 

Today, features of the sleeper sofa have enhanced folding mechanisms with better hinges and more comfortable options for mattresses like memory foam. Sleepers also come in other size choices like the twin sleeper that is available in a loveseat or a sleeper chair

Sleepers also come in several style options which carry on Castro’s vision of providing a sleeper without compromising on design
. You can choose from leather or fabric upholstery and modern to contemporary designs.

Key Features

  •       Aesthetic appeal
  •       Memory foam mattress options
  •       Enhanced folding mechanisms


Modern Sleeper Sofas

Modern Sleeper

Impress your guests with a modern sleeper. These innovative furniture pieces eliminate the need for a mattress since the sofa extends to create a pull out bed. The frames on the sofa are constructed to support push-pull mechanisms that allow for easy adjustments and simple configurations of the sofa itself. These fun designs also provide hidden storage for your bedtime essentials like extra blankets and pillows. The versatility of these pieces allows them to come in many styles and sizes, making them ideal for any space large or small.

Key features:

  •       Multi-functional
  •       Perfect for any living space
  •       Extra storage

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Converta Sofas

Converta Sofa

Converta sofas, aka “Click Clack” sofa beds, are an excellent choice if you’re looking to add simple seating at a lower price point. Converta sofas feature dual adjustable backs that ultimately fold from a sofa into a sleeper mattress. The single cushion can come in a variety of fabrics. Other modern converta sofas will feature pressure-relieving memory foam options and entertainment support functions like USB ports and audio Bluetooth.

Key features:

  •       Lower price point
  •       USB charging port options available
  •       Perfect for small spaces

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The classic go-to for guest beds, futons can be used alone as a mattress or paired with a frame. When purchasing a futon there are three components to consider; frame, mattress, and fabric (upholstery cover). Take your pick from wood, metal or upholstered frames. Mattress options also vary with choices for cotton filling, memory foam or innersprings. Fabric covers come in several patterns and textures so you can find the perfect cover to match your home décor. Style any futon with pillows and throws to enhance your unique furniture piece.

Key features:

  •       Mix and match futon components
  •       Diverse mattress fillings available
  •       Easily styled with accessories

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You can easily find the best sleeper sofa to match your needs, your wallet, and interior design style, so you can create stylish sleeping space for your guests this holiday season and year-round!