Designer's Den | Perfecting Your Patio

Designer's Den | Perfecting Your Patio

Your patio furniture has been covered for the last few months and the flower boxes have been empty, but spring has finally sprung which means that's all about to change! 

Now is the time to start browsing for some new pieces to add to your collection or spruce up what you've already got going on because before you know it, it's going to be “eat every meal, drink every beverage, and do all of the activities outside for the next three months” type of weather. 

Our experienced Designers here at American Furniture Warehouse have shared some valuable tips and tricks to make your front or back patio/ porch/ indoor/ outdoor sitting room look incredible and match the changing season. 

Comfortable & Stylish Furniture

Fellow American Thomas Lee, created the adirondack in 1903. He called it “the most perfect outdoor chair”. 

We completely agree.  

The classic adirondack is still to this day the “most perfect outdoor chair” AND it's not only stylish and comfortable, but also durable!


Durable outdoor furniture is, of course, always a big plus when adding to your collection, or starting a new one. Weather is inevitable anywhere you live so it’s important to be sure that your patio furniture can endure whatever weather will be hitting your home this spring. 

Steel furniture is a great durable option. Imagine this:  A rocking chair on your front porch to sip your coffee in the morning on or a sitting table with matching chairs to relax on while people watch your neighbors (we know you do it). 

Are you imagining it? Good. 

Now imagine that becoming your morning routine and not having to worry about immediate wear and tear because they are steel constructed. 

It’s been said that the rug is the foundation of the space. So if you’re looking to add a little bit of this season’s color or just make for a more complete outdoor look, a durable outdoor rug is the way to go. 

Outdoor Accecories

Sure, stand alone furniture is enough for some folks, and while there's nothing wrong with that, why not add some character to your outdoor area? Greeting signs and outdoor artwork is the perfect way to show a little more “you” out on the patio.

You could go with the classic “Welcome” sign, or, if you really want to show some personality, a “Hey Y'all” sign helps to do just that. Greeting signs always make a statement to guests and make everyone who enters feel extra welcome because you went the extra mile to display it on your patio or porch. 

If you’re still looking to fill the space, a fun mailbox or textured artwork can help to add even more charm to your outdoor area. 

Flowers, Plants, and Planters 

You’re browsing for patio furniture, so the chances are you're also into outdoor flowers and plants. (Also, who doesn't love flowers even if they aren't outdoor furniture browsing?) 

Planters are the perfect way to store your outdoor flowers while also making a statement. 

Planters help to bring symmetry to the overall final look of the outdoor space. The planters can be different sizes of the same style and help to provide depth or the same size to provide the symmetry. Who knew planters could be so diverse? 

Now you're equipped with the perfect tips for outdoor space designing from a couple of cool and helpful design experts, so the smart thing to do is get out of your house and start searching for those perfect pieces to tie your space together. 

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3/21/2023 1:03 PM
yay spring! Thanks for all the great recommendations!
3/21/2023 3:05 PM
So excited for all the great weather to come! We definitely need to update our outdoor space, do you have adirondacks in any other color?
3/23/2023 7:29 PM
Thanks for the tips!